Sunday 18 June 2023

Revealed: How Basiru, ex-Senate spokesperson warned Aregbesola against Osun APC factionalisation

Details have emerged of how ex-Senate spokesperson, Senator Ajibola Basiru warned former Interior Minister, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola of the dangers of factionalising the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State.

In a letter to Aregbesola titled "Position Paper on the state of the party in Osun," dated March 8, 2021, a copy of which was sighted, Senator Basiru had warned Aregbesola that factionalisation would adversely affect the party and might ultimately send the party out of power in the State.

In the 5-page letter, the ex-Senate spokesperson while noting politics is a marathon race and not a sprint further cautioned Aregbesola to stop social media and conventional media attacks on the then government in the State so as to allow the party to remain focused and prepare adequately for the rounds of elections that were to follow.

He equally urged Aregbesola to approach the political processes and developments with some tact and not take "drastic steps that may irreversibly lead to possible mutual destruction."

"We must remind ourselves that APC Osun is very important and strategic to the composition of the party nationally. One it remains the home of our key leaders – Chief Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who are major players in the party. 

"Secondly, apart from Lagos, Osun would be the launch-pad for the candidature of Asiwaju if eventually the presidency is zoned to the South-West. It is therefore incumbent on leaders of the party to narrow down their differences rather than fuel the crisis so that we can maintain a united force in pursuance of a common goal.

"A proposition to work on a possible parallel slate will only amount to open declaration of faction. I believe strongly that factionalisation and infighting will adversely affect the party at either side of the divide. We have invested too much to risk putting the party out of power by omission or commission. 

"One of the important lessons I learn from my leaders including you is the need for cohesiveness of the party. The past few weeks and critical introspection based on observable facts have afforded me the opportunity to examine the state of the party and I wish to state that the problems of the party in the state, whatever it is, cannot be regarded as insurmountable.

"Whether envisaged or not the proposition ultimately may set up a process that will have to contend with the apparently known position of the national leadership of the tendency on the congress and 2022 contest. I would not know whether this consequence is desired and desirable.

"Such a move would lead to unnecessary attacks from within Osun and others outside Osun who may want to cash in on the seeming crisis to undermine Ogbeni’s position. 

"I was shocked that some of our people are planning on defecting to PDP and in fact are already holding meetings with them. 

"There is absolutely no reason to have a parallel structure since, to the best of my knowledge, we clearly have no candidate to field for 2022.

"I believe that without open declaration of open contestation and the attendant possible acrimony some of our people who are committed to work in their areas will emerge in at their respective wards and local governments.  

"Unnecessary public utterances (either in conventional or social media) should be absolutely avoided even in the face of provocation and unwarranted attack. Such attacks are not effective against a settled popularity and calculated distraction. I think we should approach the political processes and developments tactfully and not to take drastic steps that may irreversibly lead to possible mutual destruction," Basiru in the letter had said.

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