Wednesday 28 June 2023

Tinubu’s Sallah Message: ‘I’m working day and night’ to solve Nigeria’s problems, says president

President Bola Tinubu says since his assumption of office on May 29, he has been working day and night to solve Nigeria’s economic crisis and insecurity. 

“At the moment, our country is going through some challenges, especially with our struggling economy and simmering security challenges,” Mr Tinubu said in his Eid-el-Kabir message.

He added, “While I acknowledge all of these, I want to assure you that they are not insurmountable. I am working day and night with my team, fleshing out solutions. We have started with the decisions taken so far, to reform our economy and remove all impediments to growth.”

Upon being sworn in, the Nigerian leader announced the immediate removal of fuel subsidy, which saw petrol pump price skyrocket to N540 from N195, without plans to cushion the adverse effects on the Nigerian masses. 

Wanton violence and killings have simmered since Mr Tinubu assumed power. At least 80 innocent Nigerians were reportedly killed in Mr Tinubu’s first week in office, forcing Amnesty International to issue a statement urging the Nigerian leader to be alive to its responsibility of securing lives and property.

Amidst the economic conundrum Nigerians face, the president ordered the Central Bank of Nigeria to float the naira (resulting in the national currency’s value heading further south at the official forex market), allowing banks to determine exchange rates to the dollar and other foreign currencies. 

While he suspended CBN governor Godwin Emefiele and EFCC chair Abdulrahseed Bawa and ordered investigations into their respective tenures, Mr Tinubu signed a student loan law with stringent conditions.

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