Wednesday 12 July 2023

LANDLORDS, TENANTS NOMINATE EXECUTIVES TO RUN OWN AFFAIRS____Nominee applauds nominations, drops self, gives reasons_ By ISAAC OLUSESI


News from the staple of Zone 3, Owode Ede in Ede North Area Council, Osun State, announcing nominations into the next leadership of the zone to run its affairs for another term was monitored with profound delight.

The nominations, said to have made easier the job of Nurudeen Abass's Electoral Committee in the zone, would usher in the election of new executives to paddle the affairs of the zone.  

Speaking with the press after nomination exercise, Ademola Oyedokun, chairman of the outgoing executives of the zone 3 Oke Alafia Community Development Association, explicitly showed pleasure at the change of baton soonest to happen after the election of nominees that promises to be unopposed,_certeris paribus_ 

And responding to a question, Oyedokun took a snap stock of his two-term tenure of four years and expressed satisfaction at his chairmanship. He said, his tenure had achieved remarkably well in the discharge of its constitutional responsibilities to the zone. And particularly, he commended the cooperation of the landlords for unity and love in the zone under his watch.

The landlords and tenants in the zone commended Oyedokun and his team for their total commitment and exemplary dedication to the development of the zone.

Meanwhile, a member of the zone, Olufemi Olusesi has expressed reservations on his reported nomination for the post of Public Relations Officer for the zone in the next dispensation. He noted that his nomination was an eloquent desire of  landlords and tenants to professionalize the Public Relations activities in the zone, and thanked the zone for his reported nomination, done in his absentia. He gave unreserved kudos to the way the various nominations for posts were made.

However, Olusesi declined his nomination and gave reasons just as he pledged total commitment to the zone, and Owode Development Council at large, remarking that he has never doubted the ability of another person for nomination in the sphere of Public Relations, undertaking as oak. He charged landlords and tenants to continue the ascent of the zone, saying the contribution of Oyedokun and the entire zone to the nomination of an impressive array of next capable handlers of zone 3 cannot be edited out of any historical documentation on the zone. 

"The zone has gone round and round to arrive at the names of the nominees, out here, and there's no one nominee as a square box in a round hole; no one of them is unsuitable to oar respective posts. And no individualist to call a misfit into the niche of our zone 3," Olusesi opined.

 *OLUSESI writes at the Foot of the Most Merciful. Most Gracious, All-knowing* .

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