Monday 14 August 2023

Osun Ex-Commissioner for Works Remi Omowaiye Felicitates Jelili Adesiyan on his Birthday

Engr. Remi Omowaiye, a prominent politician hailing from Ijesa, has extended his warm greetings to the former Minister of Police Affairs, Alhaji Oyewale Jelili Adesiyan, as he marked his birthday today. The jubilant occasion was marked by Engr. Omowaiye’s heartfelt message, paying homage to a revered figure.

Omowaiye, widely recognized for his notable stint as the Commissioner for Works and Transport during the previous administration under the leadership of Gboyega Oyetola, conveyed his felicitations through an effusive statement. In his message, he lauded Adesiyan as a “living legend, Mentor, and Father,” highlighting the profound influence Adesiyan has had on his life and career.

“I want to use this medium to congratulate our living legend, Mentor and Father on his new age Alhaji Oyewale Jelili Adesiyan, a.k.a. Jallo, former Minister of Police Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” Engr. Omowaiye’s message read. “Happy birthday celebrations sir. Long life and prosperity with good health. Amen.”

The warm birthday wishes from Engr. Omowaiye serve as a testament to the respect and admiration he holds for Adesiyan, marking the occasion with heartfelt words that underscore the deep-rooted connections within Nigeria’s political circles. As Adesiyan embarks on another year of life’s journey, the well-wishes from his peers and admirers shine brightly, illuminating the path ahead with hope, camaraderie, and shared experiences.

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