Saturday 9 September 2023

Egypt Air breaks silence on death of Remilekun Toyosi, London-bound Nigerian passenger

Egypt Air, an international airline, has issued a statement regarding the passing of a Nigerian woman traveling to London via Cairo. The airline confirmed that the woman, unfortunately, passed away in Cairo’s airport transit area. Egypt Air promptly notified the Nigerian embassy in Cairo.

Previously, the deceased’s family expressed concerns about the handling of her remains in Cairo and sought more information about the circumstances surrounding her passing. Olufunmilola Olaniyi-Alabi, the sister of the deceased, explained that her sister, Remilekun Toyosi Meshioye, embarked on her journey from Lagos to the UK on Monday via Egypt Airline.

Unfortunately, she passed away during her transit from Lagos to Cairo, based on the limited information available.

The family’s attempts to contact Egypt Air’s customer care and provided contact details proved unsuccessful.

They even sought assistance from the UK Police Department, which confirmed that their sister had not arrived in the UK. The family then engaged with the agent who sold the ticket, who provided evidence that she had not boarded the flight from Cairo to Heathrow.

Upon receiving this information, the family intensified their efforts to reach out to Egypt Air. Olaniyi-Alabi and her husband traveled from Leeds, UK, to London (Heathrow) to meet with Egypt Air’s regional manager in their London office. The manager made inquiries with the Cairo office.

Egypt Air’s statement on the incident clarified that upon her arrival in the transit area, the deceased reported feeling unwell. The airport’s quarantine department was alerted and conducted a check-up. Following the assessment, it was recommended that she be hospitalized. Tragically, she passed away later.

The airline emphasized that the necessary procedures for repatriating the body to Nigeria would be coordinated by the Nigerian embassy in Cairo.

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