Wednesday 6 December 2023

Osun Remains The Dirtiest Under Adeleke - State APC.......Effect Of Governor's Sack Of 20,000 O'YES Cadets

The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has scored the state Governor Ademola Adeleke an abysmal failure on environmental sanitation within the past one year of the inauguration of his government as this poor score is epitomized by the ubiquitous dirtiness of the state capital, Osogbo, and other towns and villages in the state.

Apart from the fact that motorists are made to suffer untold hardship through the avoidable blockage of the right of ways by the market women and their patrons at market places across the state, the sight of some of the markets and their surroundings is nothing to write home about as dirt litters them to the chagrin of the residents of the state who had witnessed the control of same during the immediate-past administration in the state.

In his comment on the unsavoury development, the  Osun State chairman of the APC, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in a statement issued by the party's Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, today, observed that it would not be an overstatement for the state to be declared the dirtiest among the comity of states in Nigeria.

Lawal, who stated that he was not surprised with the lingering turn of events with reference to the worsening environmental sanitation plight in the state, disclosed that it was the vindictiveness nature of Adeleke in government, who sacked the 20,000  O'YES Cadets employed by his predecessors whose duties were to clean up the states on daily basis, that exposed the inadequacy of his administration in environmental sanitation.

The state party chairman went further to exercise the fear of outbreak of diseases across the state as there is little or nothing to show that the Adeleke-led administration knows what to do to tackle the menace of the environmental sanitation.

Lawal observed that it was the rainfall that is no longer regular that is now exposing the obvious lapses of the Adeleke administration on environmental sanitation as Osogbo, the state capital, and other cities, towns and villages in the state have become a rendezvous for strong and unbearable offensive odour with attendant colonies of flies.

In his words: "Some of the road medians across the state have been turned to refuse dumps as it is visibly verifiable how human beings are meandering their ways to pass by the littered refuse on some major highways.

" Cases of open defecation by human beings in some streets, gutters and canals across the state have become the practice as those who engage in it do it with impunity.

"This is what is experienced when there is a leadership lacuna in government as it is on record that Governor Adeleke who is supposed to be giving the direction of his administration has absconded from the state for overseas, leaving the state to be converted to a pilot scheme by his aides since November 10th, 2023.

"Our concern is that the innocent people of the state should not be exposed to an outbreak of diseases through the haphazard approach of the Adeleke administration to governance", Lawal cautioned.


Sooko TAJUDEEN LAWAL,                             Chairman, Osun State APC.                                                          

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