Wednesday 10 January 2024

How to Take Part in the iLOTBET AFCON Prediction Game and claim your share of HUNDRED MILLION NAIRA!

Take Part in the iLOTBET AFCON Prediction Game and claim your share of HUNDRED MILLION NAIRA! 

The AFCON tournament is upon us, and with it comes iLOTBET Prediction Challenge – your chance to prove your football IQ is sharper than Salah’s left foot and WIN BIG! 

Forget timid predictions and generic brackets. This challenge throws you into the heart of the tactical battlefield, asking you to predict across five crucial stages:

How It Works:

Bracket Prediction – Win a Car or ₦25M

Select 16 advancing teams and predict the champion.

Accurate predictions may lead you to own a stylish JAC JF2 Brand New Car or share in a ₦25M bonus prize pool.

Predict Last 16 – Claim ₦20M

Rank among the Top 20% by accurately predicting teams in the Last 16.

A chance to share in the ₦20M prize pool awaits the skilled predictors.


Predict Last 8 – Secure ₦10M

Rise to the top by predicting the Last 8 teams.

₦10M prize pool up for grabs, shared among the Top 20% winners.

Predict Last 4 – Compete for ₦20M

Keep the momentum going by predicting the Last 4 teams.

Another ₦20M prize pool awaits the skilled participants.

Predict Champion – Aim for ₦50M

Foresee the champion and join the winners in sharing ₦50M in prizes.

Gameplay Steps:

                                               Click 👇


Register and log in 

Participate in various gameplays within the specified timelines.

Follow specific steps for each prediction stage, from selecting teams to submitting your predictions.

Additional Bonus Prizes:

Stand a chance to win iPhones, with separate draws for each period.

Predict the scores of 4 matches to compete for a ₦10M prize pool.

Daily deposit bonus of ₦1000 for iLOTBET users.

Important Notes:

Prizes distributed within 72 hours, directly credited to your iLOTBET bonus wallet.

“Top 20%” refers to ranking based on the number of accurately predicted teams.

If multiple winners, prizes are shared accordingly.

Every gameplay is separate – modifying predictions in one stage does not affect others.

Fuel your excitement, make precise predictions, and position yourself for victory in the iLOTBET AFCON 2024 Prediction Game!

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