Saturday 6 January 2024

IJEDA-IJESA: How Omirin, Celestial Church Prophet/Pastor Reportedly Raped Neighbor's Daughter

An acclaimed prophet and pastor in charge of Celestial Church of Christ, Ona Iye Temple Cathedral, Olukayode Omirin way, along ijebu-jesa road, opposite Lobtik Guests House Ijeda-Ijesa, Oriade local government, Osun State, Prophet Olukayode Omirin a.k.a. Dada, has been arrested for “forcefully raping a 20-year-old neighbor during a deliverance session that he cunningly arranged with the knowledge of her parents.

KAKAKIOODUA investigation revealed that, the family of the girl has a cassava farm not far from the Celestial Church and on a certain day while they were on the farm, Prophet/Pastor Omirin approached them and prayed for them after which he prophesied that the victim will die on her next birthday because he saw in a vision that she is an "emere," that Yoruba people believe to be more powerful than witches, and most often die on a particular day of joy, thus, she needed to be delivered.

Yemisi (not her real name) turned 20 on Thursday, January 4, 2024, the prophet had prescribed three nights preceding her birthday with fasting and prayer, which must be done in the church, for total deliverance and avoidance of premature death.

The prophet had instructed the parents to prepare a celestial garment popularly known as "sutana" for the girl and withdraw from her any accessories like jewelry and telephone.

The mother of the victim had opted to perform the deliverance vigil nights with her daughter but the prophet disapproved of it on the pretence that it was against the spiritual instructions he received in his vision.

January 4, the victim's 20th birthday and the last night of the fasting and prayer, the Prophet/Pastor took the victim to a room within the church where he ordered her to pull off her clothes and undies and lay down on a piece of cloth on the floor.

While lying on the floor, the pastor started rubbing the anointing oil on her body and eventually pinned her down, covered her mouth and forcefully had sex with her with the claim that it was the only way to break the bond between her and the "emere" spiritual world.

After the act had been done, Yemisi ran out of the church with her blood stained sutana as the prophet ran after her with a bottle contain an unknown substance which he intended to smear on her.

The parents have since reported the case at the Nigeria Police Divisional Headquarters, Ijebuijesa where the DPO was said to have detailed detectives to the scene, where the pastor was arrested.

The DPO in an interview with KAKAKIOODUA correspondent said the prophet while being interrogated, “confessed to the crime" and will be transferred to Osogbo, Osun State Police Headquarters for further investigation and diligent prosecution.

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