Thursday 18 January 2024

VIDEO: Nigerian Abroad Alleges N40 Million Land Scam, Threatens to Commit Suicide

A Nigerian residing abroad identified as Kayode Oladipo has accused Revolution Plus Real Estate and its Managing Director, Bamidele Onalaja, of scamming him over N40 million.

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Oladipo claimed he paid the money to the firm in 2017, adding that he was supposed to be allocated 20 plots of land by the company.

 In a video that started trending on Wednesday, he lamented that the firm hasn't allocated any land to him. 

Oladipo called on the Nigerian government to intervene, threatening suicide. He added that he is sleeping outside under the snow and wants to come back to Nigeria but does not have a house to go back to.

He said in part in the video, "I will commit suicide, I will kill myself, Lagos State I will kill myself, all the land I bought from Revolution Plus, Emma Bamidele, give me my property, see where I sleep under the bridge, it is now snowing, see where I sleep, Emma Bamidele, You frustrated me, you frustrated my life.

“Emma Bamidele, give me my property, I bought property from you in 2017, 20 plots of land worth more than N40 million since 2017 up til now, you did not give me my property, I will commit suicide Emma Bamidele, If I should die, my blood is on the head of Emma Bamidele, Revolution Plus, My blood is on your head, Emma Bamidele give me my property."

In response to the video, Revolution Plus Properties released a press statement on its Instagram account on Wednesday, refuting the allegations. 

The company claimed that Oladipo owed outstanding balances for purchased plots and stated that there were also discrepancies in his narration about the transaction. 


"Our attention has been drawn to a video circulating around social media by one Mr Kayode Oladipo alleging that our company defrauded him, collecting money from him without allotting him the land he bought from the Company.

"First, it is pertinent for us to clarify the true position of this spurious allegation intended to tarnish the image of the company. Mr 

Kayode Oladipo indeed bought some plots of land with us in his name and on behalf of some persons buying through him. 

"Mr Kayode Oladipo bought 5 plots in Royalty Garden, Idasho during one of our promo packages sessions and got one plot free and defaulted in payment and still has an outstanding amount of N3, 754,000 (Three Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand Naira. 

"He also bought 5 plots of land at one of our estates in Dallas Court, still during one of our promo packages and got one free and still defaulted in payment, leaving an outstanding balance of N2, 802,000(Two Million, Eight Hundred and Two Thousand Naira). 

"He bought in the name of one Christian & Grace Idemudia, 5 plots again at Dallas during the promo period and got one free and also defaulted in payment leaving an outstanding balance of N2, 802,000( Two Million, Eight Hundred and Two Thousand Naira). 

"He also bought on behalf of one Miss. Ruth Orobosa, 2 plots in our Estate, Dallas Court, and this particular person completed payment and has been allocated, given his plot number and block number as well as the title documents in her name. Her plot is available and ready any time she is willing to take possession of same. 

"Contrary to the narrative circulating on social media, Mr Kayode Oladipo paid the total of N16,752,000 (Sixteen Million, seven Hundred and Fifty-Two Thousand Naira only) and not N40,000,000 (Forty Million Naira). In fact, Mr Kayode Oladipois still owes the Company the sum of N9, 358,000(Nine Million, Three Hundred and Fifty-Eight Thousand Naira)."

The company in the statement disclosed further that Mr. Oladipo signed a contract specifying full payment as a condition for land allocation adding that it is unacceptable that false and unfounded information is being spread on social media to tarnish the company's image.

Revolution Plus Properties said it will be pursuing legal action against Mr. Oladipo, urging customers to disregard the allegations in his video.


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