Monday 25 March 2024

VIDEO: Don't let my case be like Mohbad's...Ive been attacked twice..Ayankunle Ayanlowo, K1's former drummer cries out



“Nigerians please help me. Since last week I don't have peace of mind anymore. I have been attacked twice and my phone has been destroyed” 


Ayankunle had earlier detailed his experiences working with KWAM1, alleging mistreatment and likening his relationship with the musician to that between a master and a slave in an interview published by an online platform.

He claimed KWAM1 would confiscate their passports when they travelled and recounted an incident where he was instructed to return home instead of seeking medical attention.

Ayanlowo disclosed how Kwam1 ordered him to return home when he ran into him on the road while he was on the way to the hospital for treatment of ulcer, which he has been suffering for a while. He, therefore, told Nigerians to hold Kwam1 accountable should anything happen to him.

He added that he worked with KWAM1 for 32 years and in all those years, he has achieved nothing as he lived in fear throughout his time with him. He noted that people only see his good side, but don’t know who he really is behind the scenes.

“Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde used to seize and hold on to our passports whenever we traveled and returned to Nigeria. It is my right as a Nigerian to have my passport with me.

“He has over three of my passports with him. One day, someone was taking me to the hospital for treatment, Alhaji met us on the road, he ordered me to get down from the car and go back home.

“I was having intense stomach pain. Till today, I am still nursing the ulcer. If anything bad should happen to me, I will hold him accountable.

“I was with him for 32 years and I achieved nothing. I lived in fear throughout my time with him. People only see him as a good person outside, you don’t know who he really is.

“Musicians working for Wasiu Ayinde are treated as slaves, nobody becomes successful when they work with Wasiu Ayinde.”

Responding to the allegation, KWAM1 said Ayankunle, complaining of his passport being withheld, ran away from the band while they were on a tour in England and since then had had his travel documents confiscated by the British authorities for overstaying beyond the return date on the visa.

“Ayankunle and two others ran away from the band in England with their passports. And we returned to Nigeria. That was in the 90s. After he ran away, information reaching us indicated that in the course of him overstaying, he gave his passport to someone to come and present it at the British embassy. As of that time, they were not stamping visas on passport leaflets. The person successfully had his details changed to his while he maintained Ayankunle’s passport.

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