Tuesday 30 April 2024

Why we did not increase tuition fees - Oyetola.... Charges students to eschew get -rich -quick syndrome

Minister of Marine and Blue Economy and former Governor of Osun State, Adegboyega Oyetola, on Tuesday, said the need to ensure that education is not priced out of the reach of the poor and less privileged compelled him not to increase the tuition fees while he served as governor of the state.

Speaking through his spokesperson, Ismail Omipidan, at the inauguration of the new national executive members of the National Association of Nigerian Colleges of Education Students (NANCES), Oyetola, who was chairman of the occasion, also explained why he had difficulty promising to pay bursary when he was confronted during the electioneering by students in 2018, adding that "we thank God we were able to pay before leaving the office."

"I congratulate our son, Comrade Egunjobi Samuel Oluwaseun, on his election as the president of NANCES. I recall my encounter with students shortly before the 2018 governorship election. They asked me if I would pay bursary if I became governor. Since I am not given to false promises, and considering the situation then, I told them it was not possible.

"After the encounter, most people believed I shouldn't have said it that way. But I am happy the students saw the truth in me and believed in me. In the end, we were still able to pay bursary when the situation improved.

"I am happy to report that for the four years we spent, we did not increase tuition fees despite compelling reasons to do so. We also did not introduce discriminatory school fees because we did not want education to be priced out of the reach of the poor and the less privileged.

"Run away from those who believe 'education is a scam.' You must remain focused and shun all acts capable of jeopardizing your future. With education, you have a brighter future. 

“Shun the get-rich-quick syndrome. Comport yourselves in the noblest way worthy of your calling as students; remember that you are the greatest asset of our nation. Therefore, as future leaders and key determinants of the peace and stability of our nation, I want you to channel your energy, vigour and drive towards the achievements of lofty ideals and aspirations and abstain from vices," Oyetola added.

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