Thursday 23 May 2024

"Empower farmers to ensure food security." Prophet Abiara tells Tinubu

The founder, Christ Apostolic Church, Agbala Itura, Prophet Samuel Abiara, has called on President Bola Tinubu to empower farmers to ensure food security.

Abiara, a global evangelist, in a statement made available to The PUNCH on Monday, insisted that the empowerment would ensure food security in the nation.

He highlighted several economic challenges plaguing the country, including currency issues, inconsistency in fuel prices, electricity shortages, and inadequate infrastructure such as roads.

The statement signed by Elder Gbenga Dawuodu read, “Foremost among his appeal is the urgent need to empower farmers to ensure food security for the nation.

"Prophet Abiara emphasised the importance of enabling farmers to supply adequate food to the nation while ensuring their safety through enhanced security measures. With agriculture being a cornerstone of the Nigerian economy, he stressed the necessity of providing farmers with the necessary support and protection to carry out their role effectively.”

He also appealed to the government to fulfill electoral promises made to the Nigerian people.

The statement further read, “Furthermore, Prophet Abiara emphasised the importance of fulfilling electoral promises made to the Nigerian people, reminding the President and his team that their position of authority is bestowed upon them by divine providence. He called for accountability and transparency in governance, urging leaders to listen to the voices of the masses and take concrete actions to fulfill their commitments.

“In a heartfelt appeal to fellow Nigerians, Prophet Abiara encouraged citizens to embrace agriculture and return to the farm to support the nation’s development and growth.”


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