Monday 27 May 2024

Physically Challenged Pupils Enu-Odì, Ilesa, Celebrate 2024 Children’s Day... By Oni Gbolabo

Every kid was enthusiastic about celebrating Children’s Day. On Saturday 25th of May, 2024, to mark this year's edition of Children's Day the Special School for the Handicapped, Ilesa, Osun state, had their celebration of 2024 edition of Children's Day because the exact day (27th of May) falls on Monday which will automatically be holiday for the pupils. That means the pupils in the hostel will go home from Friday and they won't return until Thursday as Wednesday is Democracy Day in Nigeria.



Read how Gbolabo Oni Celebrated World Disabled Day with Physically Challenged in Ilesa

The organizer, Dr. Oni Gbolabo in collaboration with some donors was able to pay the school fees of all pupils in his care, namely: A boy in Ìgbájo, a girl in Paceli School for the Blind and 8 other pupils in Ilesa including their school fees,  hostel fees and provisions required. The school fee for the lady in Federal College of Education and other needs are catered for as well including her bi-weekly upkeep.

"We believe that mentally challenged kids are a gift of god and they are capable of leading a life just like normal kids.

"We used the opportunity to deliver the hotel wears donated by Omo Ijesha and Olarewaju Gbangbala to all pupils living in the Hostel, endless appreciation.

"We used the same opportunity to deliver the school uniforms sponsored by T.A. the first set had been delivered and the remaining ones are delivered today.

"So also, all 4 elderly men and women who are blind are paid their N5,000 stipends.

"I must acknowledge Provost Olajide Enitan of Omofe Cathedral who gave a bag of rice in December which was used for the Children Day Party."

Sent in by Dr. Oni Gbolabo John

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