Sunday 12 May 2024

"Presently, what we have is Adeleke Peoples Party not Peoples Democratic Party"...Osun PDP Strongman Gives Ten Reasons for Leaving PDP

A strong stalwart of Osun state chapter of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Alao Adeolu popularly known as Olooto 1 of Ojo/Aro ward 09, Egbedore local government, has revealed reasons why he dumped the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) recently. 

He said that the major reason for his defection from PDP is the gross inhuman treatment meted by PDP/Adeleke dynasty to his late boss, Hon Olasoji Adagunodo. "He was victimized, disgraced, rebuffed, petitioned, lied against, removed and he was fought to the point of death by his adversaries in PDP." He said 

"The inhuman treatment was carried on even after his death, whereby they fought with his corpse and denied him every good arrangements to immortalize him. 

"The party under Hon Sunday Bisi even announced that no party member should attend his burial. They mocked him and even denigrated his death as if all of us would not leave this sinful world one after the other. They all forgot that when late Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke’s sudden death was announced (May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace) despite the fact that he was a member of Apc, Late Adagunodo as a chairman of Osun PDP mobilized all the structures of the party to Ede to give Senator Isiaka Adeleke the last respect, which ultimately catapulted Senator Ademola Adeleke to become a Senator/Governor respectively. 

"However, for Adagunodo, there was never a common condolences visit from Osun PDP nor any representatives of the Osun state government to the Adagunodo’s family."

Adeolu's second reason according to him is his unjustified and unwarranted removal and suspension.

" I was removed and suspended by my ward at Ojo/Aro ward 09. The ward executive was directed by the Local government leaders under the leadership of Hon Bamidele Salam to suspend me without any offence other than for my association with the same Hon Olasoji Adagunodo. 

"I have been kept in limbo in the party for almost 5 years and consequently there has been no meeting, no benefits or anything rewarding from Osun PDP." 

Thirdly , immediately after the death of Hon Soji Adagunodo, the only rallying point of support came from Omo-Oba Dotun Babayemi who stood like a rock of Gilbertha to fill the void of absence created by the Osun PDP. 

"Omooba Dotun Babayemi provided the necessary leadership, including moral and financial supports and in conjunction with few others. They gave late Adagunodo a colourful last burial and respect, if not for Dotun Babayemi that took it upon himself, there wouldn't be political activities to give him last respect, Omo-Oba Dotun Babayemi apart from travelling to America to sympathise with the family, he carried all SOJ followers and supporters along and filled a vacuum created by the sudden death of our Chairman, for this, anywhere Omooba Dotun Babayemi goes I follow him."

Adeolu's forth reason is based his principle and integrity


"Though many people think that until you become a millionaire or billionaire before you possess integrity. No, those who can not protect their names when they are not rich may not care a hoot about what happens to their names when they ultimately become billionaires. How can I suddenly start to praise sing a Governor and his family whom I have chastised for close to 5 years when the struggle was tough, what will be the justification for my new actions, or how can I join the hungry politicians to say that “all It’s politics”, it's not politics unless there's no integrity and common sense.

Fifthly, Adeolu listed Collective Decision

"In the interest of our group"Anigba/"Atunto Osun", a group that our late boss Olasoji Adagunodo built the foundation and which was re-constructed by Omo-Oba Dotun Babayemi, it was a collective decision that as long as the Adeleke government and Osun PDP under Sunday Bisi refused to carry the entire group along,  it’s better and safe to excuse ourselves out and allow them to enjoy their government till 2026. 

"Consequently in order not to betray the collective decision, I join my voice with the entire Atunto group to excuse myself out of PDP."

Adeolu highlighted his sixth reason as utmost sympathy he has for the Adagunodo immediate family.

"I was not only close with the Late Hon Olasoji Adagunodo, but he also connected me to all his children, Wife and family members. How do I explain to them that within the shortest period of the departure of their father, I have forgotten all their father’s sacrifice, what he did for us and that for the sake of political expediency, I have reconciled and joined his unrepentant traducers who mocked him while he was alive and despised him even after his death. What on earth will be my justification ? Yoruba adage says “Ojo Kan la te, Ojojumo Loju ti ni”, May God not put us to shame."

His seventh reason is the inconsiderate decision of PDP/Adeleke. 

"I contested for the House of Assembly to represent my Local Government, we did the Governorship election together but when it came to negotiations of Senators, House of Reps and House of Assembly, Adeleke/PDP denied our group completely without giving us a single slot, they sidelined all our Senate, House of Representatives and House of Assembly aspirants in the scheme of things. How can I forget so soon when I am not a dunce, we all bought forms, and spent money in different ways."

Eighth reason being the refusal of the party leadership to embark on genuine Reconciliation. 

"For almost three years when the intractable Intraparty conflicts began and festered, our group was rebuffed and completely ignored despite all our calls for genuine reconciliation. Rather than to broker an inclusive reconciliation, the handlers of the government preferred to cherry pick and use sticks and carrots approach to hoodwink some hungry and gullible members. I recalled that recently, the Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke personally spoke to me on the 7th of  March 2024 around 12:05am. Mr Governor spoke and discussed with me at length. Prior to his discussion, the Right Hon Speaker, Rt Hon Adewale Egbedun visited me, and discussed with me as a brother, I sincerely appreciate Mr Governor and Mr Speaker but I am sorry, it’s too late, the crisis has lasted for almost 5 years without any effort to make genuine reconciliation and it's not about my personal self but an entire group of Adagunodo/Babayemi which you hoodwinked, derided and sidelined. "

"Mr Governor and the Party failed to act when it mattered most and before the crisis peaked at an irreconcilable climax, Very painful."

For his ninth reason Hon. Alao Adeolu remarked that that there is no PDP in Osun State.

"Presently, what we have is Adeleke Peoples Party not Peoples Democratic Party, as it used to be symbolized. Once you cannot be a slave to dynasty, or you cannot indulge in apparent eye-services, as a man/ woman of principle, the only alternative is for you to excuse yourself out of the party lest the dynasty pocket you as they have pocketed the Party and the State Chairman of the party. 

"This is apparent in the party where the leadership don’t have a say in whatever the Adeleke government wants to do."

Tenth is his ardent Support for APC to fight PDP/Adeleke 

"In conclusion, I am not going to other Party because of any personal or selfish ambition, So that you will not start saying I regret my decision to join APC, I can not regret it because I am not going there  to struggle for any political position. Instead I would have preferred to stay away from partisan Politics but joining hands with the enemies of your enemies will give them more power to fight your main enemies. I want to join my little effort with APC to fight the Adeleke/PDP because of the various points I listed above."

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