Sunday 23 June 2024

My 4-Week Old German Shepherd Puppies (Also known as Alsatian)....By Oladimeji Lasore

I'm a dog lover and the proud owner of a female German shepherd.

Riro my pet dog is a full breed Alsatian 

Gave birth to four puppies on 22nd May 2024 and they are all doing well. (Both parents are full breed Alsatian)

When they were born, they always stay with their mother who kept all the time breast feeding them and keeping them clean. 

This is due to the simple fact, that they first get all the basic knowledge of life from their mother, who would train and care for them.

At 4 weeks old, they have already advanced by a lot, compared to their birth. They now walk confidently and try to follow their mother all about as they start socializing and learning the environment in all the details. They are now also more confident with who they are.

Now, they explore everything around them, particularly the ducks that I raise as free range in the backyard curiously as they can! And, finally, they start developing emotional reactions to things.

Apart from the mother's breast milk, I have introduced corn pap mixed with powdered milk as supplement.

The puppies are very sensitive to the surroundings. Their development is going very fast.

They will be having their first immune booster vaccination in 2 weeks time, that is when they will be 6 weeks old.

At 12 weeks I will be letting them go to their new homes.

Remember Yoruba wise saying "Olowo lo ngbe amo aja".

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