Wednesday 12 June 2024

Police nab suspected ritualist conveying 8 human skulls to Osogbo

Security operatives have arrested a suspected ritualist, Yusuf Adinohi, in Isua-Akoko, Ondo State, for possessing eight human skulls. Adinohi, a middle-aged man, was reportedly traveling from Okene in Kogi State to Osogbo in Osun State when he was apprehended at around 11 a.m. at the Agbasi Locust checkpoint in the Ase area of Isua-Akoko.

According to reports, a team of security operatives intercepted and arrested Adinohi, who was found with eight dry human skulls and various charms. He was traveling in a commercial car with four passengers, driven by Kabiru Abubakar, 35. The vehicle, a deep ash-colored car with registration number LKJ 148 AJ, was traveling from Okene to Osogbo.

During the search of the vehicle, operatives discovered the human skulls concealed inside a sack of gari and a large aluminum basin of gari, along with several charms and amulets. Upon investigation, Adinohi, 37, confessed to owning the skulls and explained that he was delivering them to an herbalist named Opeifa in the Oke-Onitea area of Osogbo.

Adinohi also named other customers, including Almonsoo from Oke-Onitea, Osogbo, Alfaa Agba from Oke-Onitea, and Oshoyemi from the Oja Oba area. He further revealed that the skulls were provided by a person named Imaila from Oboroke in Okene and that each skull was sold for between thirty thousand naira (₦30,000) and thirty-five thousand naira (₦35,000).

The suspect has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) in Akure for more detailed investigation.


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