Monday 1 July 2024

Ilerin-Ijesa Community Bans Free Range Rearing of Goats and Sheep

Residents of Ilerin Ijesa community of Ilesa East local government, Osun State have resolved to ban open and free range rearing of goats and sheep in the community.

Free range rearing of goats and sheep has often caused conflicts between residents as these animals destroy edible plants and flowers.


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Daniel Adewole Awe Medical Center is a healthcare facility located in Ilesa, Osun State, providing quality primary and secondary healthcare services to the community and its environs. 

This was part of the press release made available to media houses by Oba Adeyinka Michael Ademuyiwa the Onilerin of Ilerin Ijesa on Monday.

He affirmed that the people of Ilerin Ijesa remain committed to the principle of  peaceful co-existence between and among its people with a focus on the attainment of development and prosperity. It is therefore recommended that all goats and sheep owners in the community should provide pen and run an intensive system of housing.


Many communities of Ilesa East local government have already banned free rearing of goats and sheep.

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