Tuesday 23 May 2017

PROUDLY IJESA; Sarah Jegede, Miss Africa Great Britain, Fundraises for the Students of St. Mary's Catholic Elementary School, Ifofin, Ilesa. Appreciates the Level of Development in Osun.

Sarah Jegede, the current Miss Africa Great Britain is not only a Nigerian but an Ijesa that grew up in Ilesa. She grew up around Ward 8 axis of Ilesa East Local Government, the same ward that produced Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

 When she was crowned the 2016 Miss Africa she became the worldwide ambassador for the Queen for a reason of charity and she had her people at home in mind thinking of the popular saying that a well ordered charity needs to begin from home.

She said, "I am undertaking a charity project in aid of the students of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in rural Ifofin, in Osun State, Nigeria. St Mary’s is the oldest school in Ilesha, and one of the poorest schools too. St Mary’s school is in need of a new school sign board and the students are in dire need of stationery. I am raising funds in aid of this cause to provide a new school sign board, stationery, and school bags for the kids. This project is very dear to my heart as I have always wanted to help children in poverty, and winning Miss Africa GB has given me the opportunity to make a difference in lives that are often neglected. When I applied to Miss Africa GB, I was drawn by the amount of charity work that the organisation carries out. My desire to help children in poverty, particularly in Nigeria, was what drove me to win, even when I was tired or felt discouraged during the competition.

"There are over 15 million children in Nigeria aged 5-15 who are not in education and it is mostly due to poverty. Their families cannot afford to send them to school and sustain their academic needs financially. This includes school fees but also supplies that are needed for school, such as books, stationery, school uniforms, and school bags. These children are forced to work on the streets, and it affects their mental and social development. They end up underachieving academically, and even worse – many eventually quit the school system because the financial challenges are too much to bear. They often grow up to live in poverty, and their own children inherit this struggle and are forced into the labour force at young ages. You would agree with me that this heartbreaking cycle must end."

In aid of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, shevhosted a fundraising gala on the 29th of April at The Ripple Centre in Barking. Guests were treated to an evening of stunning entertainment, great music, dancing, world-class food and drinks.

All proceeds from the fundraiser go towards providing bags and stationery for the 200 elementary School students of this school.

At the findraising Sarah said "I am raising funds in aid of this cause to provide a new school sign board, stationery, and school bags for the kids. If I raise enough money, we would like to get additional items for the kids as well as do some renovation in their school. This project is very dear to my heart

  "Although I cannot get 15 million children out of child labour, I can with your help, ease the financial burden on the families of the children at St Mary’s school by providing them some of the supplies that are vital to their learning. A stationery set may not mean a lot to you, but it certainly goes a long way for these children who are in poverty and cannot afford these items. I would appreciate it very much if you joined me to put a smile on these childrens’ faces. No donation is too big or little – be it £5 or £100! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. God bless!"

Sarah Jegede is currently in Osun state and has since visited Ifofin St. Mary's Catholic Elementary School. She participated at the last Saturday's Walk to Live program that was part of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola's 60th birthday celebration. She expressed her sincere appreciation of the level of development going on in Osun and show her bewilderment on the high pace of infrastructural revolution. is seizing this medium to wish our own Miss Sarah Jegede a happy stay at home and a successful tenure of office as Miss Africa GB.

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