Thursday 8 March 2018


Atakunmosa East (Yoruba: Ilaorun Atakunmosa) is a Local Government Area in Osun State, Nigeria. Its headquarter is in the town of Iperindo. A search into all directories in Nigeria and State of Osun in particular will reveal that there is no Registered Company under this Local Government yet for the Culture of Atakumosa East is purely agrarian.

If democracy is the Government of the people, by the people and for the people then the people must know what they want when they elect there representatives as they recently did at the just concluded Osun Local Governments' Parliamentary Elections. 

The just Inaugurated Local Government Parliamentarians of Atakunmosa East must get it right this time. Apart from sourcing for income tax to raise the state of Osun IGR and ensuring security and healthy environment, the people yearn for good rural roads network and any input that can boost and ease agricultural activities.
Suffice to say that the past administrators for the past decade have not left any tangible impact in this area. For a long time the rural roads have been neglected and suffer common grading.

We thank Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola's administration for the road from Ilesa to Iperindo that passes through Ipole, Ise and Odo, but that's all; what is there to show as dividend of democracy for people and the farmers of Araromi, Arewa, Atorin, Ayinrin, Lapaede, Onigbogi, Otokobo, Sokoto
Eti-Oni. Aiyetoro, Ajido, Alare re, Fari, Itaapa, Odogbo, Olowu.

I (Oladimeji Lasore) have my farm at Oke-odo Alagbon popularly refer to as Oko Ojogbon, there is practically no access road leading to the farm settlement of over 200 farmers. You can only move farm goods and people on motorbikes. But we have been having successive administrators years in and out. The current Parliament under the able leadership of Hon. Femi Kujembola needs to make a remarkable impact by opening up the rural roads via grading and repair the tractors, ploughers and other farm machineries that litter the council's compound begging for repairs. 

And when they are repaired rent them out to our farmers to generate income but don't forget to put a check on the tractors operators that profit on selling out the vital spare-parts of the machines for their selfish gain.

Photos of the grounded tractors that litter the compound of Atakunmosa East LG  

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