Monday 8 April 2019

IBEDC AND IJESALAND ORDEAL: Yinka Fasuyi Wants Ijesa Roots Club to Coordinate a Press Conference. Read his proposal

The ongoing robust discussions on the IBEDC dilemma have been quite instructive in galvanizing consensus among most stakeholders as to the way forward.

The purported press release just made by the MD of IBEDC is not only in bad faith but very disheartening. The language employed is not only uncouth but disrespectful of the collective societal value of Ijesaland, long formed and  earned before his forebears were born. I think NBA Ilesa Branch would be interested at extracting appropriate sanctions for the foul and offensive language contained in the so called press release.

The premise illustrated above is the basis of my alignment with the proposal to immediately call a press conference to debunk the tissue of lies packaged by this drowning MD.
It is also interesting to share with this platform that not a few other societies and prominent stakeholders have subscribed to the concept of addressing the mass media to succinctly present the truthful and germane missing half of the episode.

My suggestion would be that the Roots Club of Ijesaland could coordinate the press conference while vigorously extending invite to ALL Societies and Interest Groups in Ijesaland. Ilesa, Osogbo, or Ibadan could therefore be considered as venue, after weighing mileage and costs consideration. The media coverage should be all inclusive, comprising all those based in Ijesaland, Osun State, Oyo State, National electronic and print media, and International News Agencies. In addition, the media contest should be extended to the Social Media for unlimited mileage.

If this proposal is accepted, then I would like to further suggest that the electrical engineering experts and other members familiar with the workings in the power industry should assist in drafting the contents of the press release. Furthermore, it would be imperative for some of us with contacts in Osun State Government to please assist with getting a copy of the IBEDC letter detailing its financial demands submitted to the government last Monday. We certainly require this for us to make an objective response.

The committee saddled with the write up may also find some useful inputs in the various reports I had previously shared on this platform.  In similar vein, it should be prepared to enlist inputs of other known expertise in other societies in Ijesaland, so that our release would command extensive superior respect, wide acceptability, and serve as a catalyst in changing the existing unproductive status quo in the power sector for the better. In that wise, time becomes of essence if we must optimise our intervention in this regard.

In closing, I wish to crave the indulgence of this platform to share this message with other Ijesa-based platforms and individuals who have consistently advocated similar response. This would serve to put them on notice on what the Roots Club of Ijesaland is spearheading, and would further mobilise their participation.
My take.

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi

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