Monday 15 July 2019

Revamping Osun Public Health Centres

Political Stories are good for the ears if they transmit news, bring hopes and restore people's confidence in our democracy. The performing Governor of the State of Osun, Gboyega Oyetola has continuously oil the wheel of governance, leaving no stone unturned; strengthening security for communal peace, rehabilitating bad roads across our cities, exploring mineral resources as a way of diversifying our economy, tapping into agriculture for food sufficiency and prosperity.

His midas touch in the health sector is second to none. For the first time in Nigeria, a Governor is bringing qualitative and affordable healthcare to the commoners, downtrodden & the less privileged in the society. Under Oyetola, Osun in partnership with Save A Million Lives Initiative (SOM-L) of the Federal Ministry of Health is revitalizing 332 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs), meaning there will be one functional, well equipped and qualified medical personnel in every political wards of Osun. Waooh!!

The process have started already, look around you, ask your neighbours or village people. Find Out, confirm our story. Ejigbo & Ifetedo General Hospitals are presently undergoing comprehensive upgrading; the magical hands of Oyetola PHC is in every community as we speak, digging of boreholes around the health centres have commenced. Government has already supplied medical equipment, consumables and drugs; structural rehabilitation and reconstruction of each facility is ongoing, many more to come. Believe it.

The IleriOluwa Phenomenon is Real, keeping to electoral promise is key to Leadership & Followership Trust Bond, this is the true Omoluabi spirit of IleriOluwa. Good Governance is Gboyega Oyetola's Watchword. He is passionately committed to bringing smiles to the faces of All Osun People.

This is PHC Famia in Ife North Local Government
Be our witness, report & take pictures of the ongoing PHC rehab in your area with the HashTag, #IleriOluwaPHC

IleriOluwa is Working
Osun is Moving Forward.
Be a Good Ambassador of Osun, *Pay Your Tax*

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