Thursday, 19 December 2019

Remi Omowaiye Immerses Himself in the Magic of Iwude: See What He is doing

Engr. Oluremi Omowaiye, the State of Osun Commissioner for Works and Transport was in Ilesa Civic Centre a.k.a. Ojude Owa, yesterday, Wednesday, 18th of December, 2019, just three days to the grand finale of the annual Iwude Ijesa Festival, with a team of workers. Guess what they have come to do?  To transform the city centre into a wonderland in collaboration with the Iwude Ijesa Festival Planning Committee.

As they swung into action, all equiped with materials and directed by Mr. Wale Idowu, the Chairman of the Venue and Event planning sub-committe and Mr. Akin Ajayi Obe, the Chairman of Sports Committee, they scrapped the walls fencing the centre and started replasterring, some painters attacked the symbolic Obokungbusi Hall and started repainting, see how the edifice sparkles inside and outside. The lawns were not left out, the bricks at the outer edges were all painted in white and black.

He has in plan to replace the entrance gate of Aafin Adimula and add some decorations to it before the Christmas Festival.

City residents, palace workers and visitors alike were dumbfounded at the discovery of the magic of Iwude Ijesa turning things around in the twinkling of an eye.

See photos (Credit- Yakub Atanda)

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