Monday 2 March 2020

Ilesa East LG Embarks on School-based Health Education Campaign- A Potential Tool Towards Awareness on Lassa Fever Prevention

The Ilesa East Local Government under the able leadership of Otunba (Hon) Akeem Adesoji Olowoopejobori has initiated an outreach program in Ilesa township to sensitize young school children about the prevention of Lassa fever infection.

The Health Officers of the Council handling the project launched a thought provoking communication campaign which included the use of teaching aids like posters, banners and flyers amidst demonstrations of teaching skills.

The role and effectiveness of this method of school-based health education for social mobilization to sensitize the larger community on the danger and prevention of the deadly Lassa fever disease through classroom sessions is a motivational strategy thought of by the Parliament of the Council as the larger community members are targeted to receive the message through the children.

Photos from St Peter's Elementary School Isona, Ilesa

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