Friday 21 May 2021

Osun 2022 : Fearing for Disharmony Among Party Members, Atakumosa West Group Endorses Oyetola for Second Term

A group in Atakumosa West Local Government of Osun East Senatorial District of the State of Osun— Team Opomulero- has unanimously endorsed Governor Gboyega Oyetola for second term in office at a solidarity rally held at the Osu, All Progressives Congress(APC) party secretariat on Thursday, 20 May 2021.

Observing the need for a solidarity rally to clear the air on recent issues generating heat within the APC in the local government, the team therefore resolved to join hands with other people of the state to ensure the governor’s success in the forthcoming 2022 elections.

The group comprising of APC members, which membership cut across length and breadth of Atakumosa West has leaders of thought, women, and youths, with notable personalities, such as Hon. Francis Faurewa, Hon. Felix Olawuni, Chief Rotimi Ibironke, Prince Ademiluyi Adebiyi, Hon. Muniru Bello, Hon. Idayat Adebayo, Mr. Thomas Jebutu, Chief Mrs. Bolaji Odunayo, Hon. Tosin Ogunjuyigbe and Hon. Oluwole Fasoyin among others, gave the endorsement after assessing the achievements of the governor in the past two and half years.

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They commended Governor Oyetola for the remarkable and exemplary way he has piloted the affairs of Osun State and expressed gratitude to him for the monumental infrastructural development in the state evidenced in numerous road constructions across the three senatorial districts.

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The group’s members also expressed full satisfaction with the prudent manner the governor has managed the resources of the state culminating in the prompt payment of salaries of civil servants, as well, that of pensioners in the state.

They equally lauded the governor for improving the internally generated revenue portfolio of the state.

The group observed the peace and security of lives and prosperity being enjoyed in Osun State as well as the governor’s inclusive leadership style, describing them as “unprecedented” in the history of the state, and urged him to continue to sustain the good works.

In view of the foregoing reasons, and several others too numerous to mention, the Team Opomulero unanimously endorsed His Excellency Mr. Gboyega Oyetola for a Second-Term in Office as Governor of Osun State come 2022 elections.

Team Opomulero further resolved to join hands with our brothers and sisters across Osun State to ensure the success of the incumbent governor, in the forthcoming 2022 elections.

Read the communique released by the All Progressives Congress (APC) party members and people of Atakumosa West Local Government after the solidarity rally held after the endorsement.

Party members and the good people of Atakumosa West LG saw the need for a Solidarity rally to clear the air on some issues generating heat within the local government and the state by extension.

in the wake of the failed attempt to heat up the polity and cause disharmony among party members and the good people of Atakumosa West LG by some rented crowds contracted by some ignoble elements to stage a a protest in Osogbo.

Party leaders, members, our teeming supporters and electorates staged a peaceful rally to address the following issues:

1. Contention on the choice of Caretaker Chairmanship for the Local Government.

2. Dissociation from TOP and declaration of its peddlers persona non grata in the Local Government.

3. Acting/Interim leadership for the leaders Forum.

4. Support for Ileri Oluwa's Second Term bid.


1. Our Amiable Governor has put in place machineries to ensure a smooth and unbiased process in the selection of local government administrators across the state. 

Stakeholders in our local government with leaders in Ijesa South met to iron out contending issues calling all concerned parties to a round table where issues were addressed. They made good choices ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.

To our surprise, a few disgruntled elements with vested interests hired some paid protesters and stormed Osogbo with placards against a decision that was jointly and collectively taken. We see this as a deliberate attempt to upturn the will of the people and we condemn and reject this affront on our collective sensibilities.

2. It has also come to our notice that a notable and respected leader in the local government is among those muting the idea of an association called TOP. We see this as an attempt to widen the cracks we are striving to mend in the party which will do No one no good if allowed to stand.

The party membership in the local government hereby dissociate themselves from the evil agenda called TOP and we declare those involved persona non grata until they retrace their steps for the good of all.

3. In view of the involvement of Elder Lowo Adebiyi in the TOP agenda, and the resolution of party members against his recent moves and his subsequent persona non grata status within the party, we hereby resolve that his Secretary, Thomas Jebutu should take over the leadership of the leader's forum in the local government. We can't afford to take chances and nature abhors vacuum.

4. As the popular saying goes thus; "One good term deserves another", we are using this opportunity to voice our support for the second term bid of our amiable Governor, His Excellency, Adegboyega Oyetola to continue the good work he has taken up from where his predecessor stopped.


1. We stand by the collective resolution of stakeholders in our local government and leaders and accept the choice of Francis Famurewa whose landmark achievements in his stay in offices speaks volume both for him and the party. Any other nomination will be greeted with stiff resistance.

2. We dissociate ourselves from TOP and declare the peddlers persona non grata.

3. We declare Thomas Jebutu as the leader of the leader's forum in the local government.

4. We support the second term agenda of our principal and Governor, His Excellency, Gboyega Oyetola and we are volunteering as a collective force to purchase the nomination form for his second tem bid. 4+4!

God is by our Side.


Prince Adebiyi Ademiluyi

(LG Party Secretary)


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