Saturday 26 June 2021

First Two Years of the Face of Olorunda State Constituency in the 7th Osun Assembly: Hon. Akande gives his Mid-Term Report Card

I was barely two weeks old in office as a legislator representing the good people of Olorunda State Constituency when the Baale of Dagbolu, Chief Sulaiman Solagbade Oyebode requested my assistance to rehabilitate the completely dilapidated primary school in the community.

Promptly, top officials of the state Universal Primary School Board were contacted and three months later a brand new block of four classrooms came into being.

The league of Imams and Alfas also came calling wondering if assistance could be rendered for the acquisition of a befitting burial ground for Muslims instead of burying the dead at home.

I did not only support this project financially but went a step further to raise substantial funds from prominent indigenes of my constituency and beyond. Today that project is a reality.

In February this year, the community of Oba Ile and Oba Oke were hit by a devastating rainstorm which destroyed houses and property. A prompt action was taken and a formal report was made to appropriate authority. 

The borehole which serviced the market at Oba Ile was hard hit. An order was made by me for immediate repairs of the borehole providing overhead tank and replacing broken pipes. Today the community enjoys clean water.

No doubt these are not core areas of a legislator but they do complement after all the welfare of constituents are part of the legislator's responsibilities.

The first session of the 7th Assembly witnessed remarkable achievements in terms of legislation. In all, 17 bills were passed, all of which I participated actively.

It is of note that some of these bills gave birth to the establishment of a South West Security Network otherwise known as Amotekun, Osun State Youth Commission and the transformation of the School of Health Technology to a college of Health Technology offering National and Higher national diploma courses.

In the same vein, two bills were passed on cases of rape and kidnapping with very stiff penalties. This to a large extent has stemmed cases of crime and criminality in the state.

The second session of the 7th Assembly was a difficult one considering the impediments witnessed in the performance of its constitutional duties.

Of the 12 months, Covid-19 took five months, ENDSARS took one while the strike on Financial Autonomy took two leaving the house with just 3 months to work. 

However the House was able to pass a total of five bills which included  State of Osun Public Procurement Bill, State of Osun Appropriation Bill 2021, Local Government Admin Amendment Bill and HIV and AIDS anti discrimination Bill.

The House E- Parliament also continued in its agenda of making the House virtual and available to all and sundry.

Outside the house, several constituent engagements were undertaken to have a direct feedback from the people.

A total of 26 youths including non-natives but residents of the constituency were trained for six months in different vocations.

They were later presented with brand new sewing machines, Dryers and Batik equipment costing almost one and a half million naira.

Similarly, a sum of N20,000 was given to a widow in each of the 19 wards making up the constituency as seed capital to start a small trade.

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For 13 weeks a sum ranging between N5,000 and N10,000 was given out to petty traders each week in a radio programme whereby the programme producer independently picked a trader on the streets each week.

Some of the beneficiaries included orange Sellers, Vulcanizers, Food vendors and Cobblers who said that with the token sum their trade would receive a boost.

About 125 young men and women from the constituency were assembled for one week undergoing training on the various aspects of running a supermarket

It is also on record that seven indigent students of Olorunda are currently enjoying full scholarship at Government Technical College, Osogbo.

These are students who could not go beyond JSS 3 and who would probably have constituted a nuisance to the society. It is gratifying to note that their parents always remember the honourable in their prayers.

The School for the Handicapped near Osogbo city stadium are constantly grateful for the provision of a security guard for the school to ward off miscreants who were molesting and taking advantage of the pupils.

When governor Gboyega Oyetola came visiting the school last year, the Headmistress, Mrs. Titilayo Amoo kept praising the legislator not just for paying the salary of the security guard but also for not forsaking the school noting that he always spent quality time with the children every Valentine Day.

The legislator who is currently the Chairman of Osun state Traditional Sports Association kitted the Ayo Olopon Team to the National Sports festival in Ilorin in 2019 where the team won a bronze medal.

The team was later hosted to a reception on their return where members were rewarded with cash gifts.

When the Covid 19 Pandemic broke out, he joined four other government functionaries from Osogbo to raise one million naira for the purchase of rice which were distributed to the constituents.

It is of note that two motorized boreholes were also constructed by Hon. Kunle Akande while five moribund boreholes were repaired and made functional. 

They can be found at Oba- Ile, Oba- Oke, Ilie, Ebo Olobi, Kelebe, Ologun/Balogun Agoro Area, and Igbona Market (yet to be commissioned.

Perhaps the most gratifying and most rewarding of his contribution to the good people of Olorunda is the construction and completion of two Sustainable Development Goals projects sited in the constituency.

These include a multi-million naira 120 bed Mother and Child Hospital near Islaudeen Grammar school and a National Vocational Centre at Dagbolu.

As it is done in many democratic settings, we lobbied vigorously to get government approval to site these establishments in our constituency. And to the glory of God, our prayers were answered.

The constituency by their various reactions will forever be grateful to our amiable governor Mr. Gboyega Oyetola for these two legacies he bequeathed on us.

History will remember him positively. 

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