Wednesday 20 October 2021


The Iloro Youth Christian Society celebrated its 74th anniversary at the Cathedral of St. John, Ilesa Diocese Anglican Communion during Sunday 17th October service  with a thanksgiving.

Delivering the sermon, the Very Rev. David Fadugba, who doubles as the Provost of the Cathedral and also a member of the Society gave a presentation of the Society's past and those that have helped to straighten the development of the Cathedral as he acknowledged various developmental interventions of the Iloro Youth Christian Society.

For the President, Chief Dr. Mrs Iyabo Fagbulu, it was a time to appreciate those that God used to shape what the Society has become and to acknowledge the all members, both past and present, who have influenced the values that embody the vibrant and the status of the Society in the Cathedral today. 

Members also used the Service to reflect and thank its Foundation members and consider those who have seen that the Society upholds the highest of standards.

With over thirty members attending the Service and staying to participate in the festivities of the day, it was a wonderful opportunity to show-case the love that bounds all members together.

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Iloro Youth Christian Society was founded in 1947 by Rev. S.0 Mafe who later became an Archdeacon. He picked some students from Ilesa Grammar School and some pupil teachers who were all members of St. John Iloro Church.

Among the foundation members were the following peopie; Mr. M.A Osobu who later became the first President of the Society, Mr S.O Awe also became he first Secretary of the society. Mr M.F Fadeyi became the second President, Mr Ayo Afilaka second Secretary. The 1st Patron was Mr. Makinwa and Mrs J.0 Ogedengbe was the first patroness and later Mrs Babayide. The following people were ordinary members- Mr Tayo Ajiboye, Mr. Ojewumi, Mr Banji Lanihun, Mr. Akilo, BarristerJ.A Ogunleye, Mr T.A Esan, Mr. J.A Jebutu, Bishop A.O. Awosan, Egnr. Omotunde Adeyemi, Mr M.O Ayegbe, Rev Canon R.A Aderogba, Dr. M.A Aluko, Justice T.A. Irinoye, Mr. Aro, Mr. S.0. Awe, Mr. E.A Awe, Mr. Dire Abiodun, Mr. Ojo Ode and Mr G.O. Awe.

Late M. O. Ayeko-Falore

Before 1975, the Society's monthly meetings were held in the church after the service. Later, when the late Ven. N.B. Ajakaiye became the Secretary of tho society in 1976, he suggested a rotational system of meetings in members' houses,  the suggestion was supported by all  members, then late Chief M.O. Ayeko Falore was the President while Chief Mrs Sade Omoie was the Vice President.  

Late Ven. N.B Ajakaye held the position of the General Secretary for 36 years belore he voluntarily left the post. 

The leadership of late Ayeko Falore and Executive Committee members of that time brought a lot of development to the Society as numerous projects were executed in the Church and monthly meetings were regularly attended with enthusiasm from resident and distant members alike. 

In 1990, the Society under the leadership of Chief Ayeko Falore put in place the founding of the Iloro Youth Christian Society No.2 by bringing together children of members at that time. Mr Gbenga Ajakaiye was the first President and Mr. Oladimeji Lasore was the first Secretary of No.2.

Pa J. B. Okere-Ajayi

After the death of Chief M.O Ayeko Falore in 2013, Pa J.B Okere Ajayl became the Society's President, while Mrs G.O Awosan was the Vice President and Chief Deji Ajetomobi was the General Secretary and Mr. Oladimeji Lasore became the Assistant Secretary.

At the General Meeting of 4th of March 2018 Chief Dr. Mrs Iyabo Fagbulu was elected as the Vice President and later became the first female President on 2nd February 2020 succeeding Pa J. B. Okere-Ajayi.

The Society has been blessed with a crop of God fearing and devoted leaders among their ranks and files.

The Society believes in giving out to uplift the work of God. It was this Society that first presented plastic chairs to the church to make the priests sit comfortably. Two sets of amplifiers were donated, set of robes for the choir were also presented to mark the 40th anniversary in 1987.

The Society has contributed immensely to numerous projects and programs embarked upon by the Cathedral.  

In 1987, an apartment of 6 bedrooms with full amenities was presented for the use of the Cathedral priests to mark the 50th anniversary of the Society, this year, 2021, to mark the 74th Anniversary, that same apartment has been renovated and redesigned to comprise of two lodgements. 

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