Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Truly, it’s a season of joy in Osun......By Kunle Oyatomi


The All Progressives Congress, APC, government of Gboyega Oyetola is capping the year with a series of welfarist activities truly reflecting the excitement, joy and goodwill of the season. This is in line with the party’s ideology and manifesto to deliver the people of Osun from a dreary, doleful and colourless existence. APC promised the masses and eligible electorate a change that would see them transition from a lackluster life to one that bears affinity with the notions and experiences of the abundant life. And what better time for a caring government to live up to its promises than the present period!

Thus, the Oyetola administration, during the Yuletide week, launched the 2021 Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, MNCH, week in Osun State, to deliver ‘’a package of basic interventions that are highly effective in reducing child mortality and improving mother and child health.’’ The initiative is in partnership with the World Health Organization, WHO and United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, with activities that will see to the provision of Vitamin A supplements to all Osun children from the ages of 6 months to 59 months, screening children for malnutrition and deworming among other.

Also during the period, the government plans to immunize all children qualified for it, while supplying long-lasting insecticide nets to all public health facilities for the use of pregnant and children.

When he flagged off the program at the Ayegbaju International Market, Oshogbo, the State capital, Governor Oyetola made it clear that the mission, vision and direction of the exercise were not at all cross-purposes of the overall ideology of the APC administration. In other words, it wasn’t an afterthought to win votes as election approaches. The program fits into his idea of uplifting the lives of the good people of Osun.

Oyetola had this to say to prove his point. “We are committed to pursuing any programme that will bring development to our people as much as availability of funds allows…I am proud to say that we have delivered on our promise and will continue to pursue this policy with all doggedness and commitment…The restoration of healthy living among our people is part of our Administration Development Agenda…Our government is prepared to put in place an enduring health that will prevent the citizenry of this State from all avoidable deaths due to emergencies, disease conditions or nutrition deficiencies.’’

The WHO boss in Nigeria, Walter Kazadi, acknowledged the success of the Oyetola government in meeting its set goals under its partnership with the global body. He appreciated ‘’the progress achieved so far’’ in Osun, adding that it ‘’was sufficient to attain goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGS) as it pertains to maternal and child health, hence more efforts and commitment to further improve their health outcomes through universal health coverage.’’

All the 332 wards of Osun are benefiting from the program, with plans to reach 988,423 under-5 children. 

Governor Oyetola’s endeavors have brought Osun to the fore, making it Number One in Vitamin A coverage for children.

In the same Yuletide period that Oyetola launched the Health Week, he also moved to widen the welfare net, with the singular effort to make life more meaningful for the masses. The governor commenced the distribution of local rice affectionately called ‘’ofada’’, to 30,000 residents. Although part of the Monthly Food Support Scheme of the government, it nonetheless represents the governor’s undying determination to be seen as being alive to its responsibilities in a season of goodwill. In and out of, the government is bent on being there for those it is voted into power to serve. Whether it is close to ballot time or not, the Oyetola administration insists the people deserve to be served.

According to the governor, ‘’no amount of downturn in the economy would halt the monthly distribution of foods.’’ Instead, he says, ‘’another empowerment plan has reached the final stage to ensure that widows, the aged and other vulnerable citizens who were not captured in the food support scheme are taken care of.’’

The added excitement about the entire project is that the government is sourcing the food from local farmers, thus boosting not only the income of the indigenous agripreneurs, but also empowering the people and widening the IGR base of the state so it can have a large financial pool to enable it execute its programs. It becomes a win-win affair for both government and its people: the government reaps a harvest of taxes and goodwill as it invests in the people through its pro-people policies.

Oyatomi Esq. is the Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy of the APC in the state of Osun

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