Friday 17 June 2022

Reelect me for good governance to continue, Oyetola charges Osun electorate


Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, has assured that if reelected, good governance would continue in the state.

Oyetola spoke at Ogiyan palace square in Ejigbo on Thursday while addressing members of the All Progressives Congress during a governorship campaign rally held in the town.

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He then urged APC members and residents of the town to work for his re-election to enable him to continue delivering good governance.

He said, “I am not bothered about those I am competing with. I put my trust in God and the people of the state who would not want us to stop the ongoing good work in the state.

“Those of you who have not collected your permanent voters card should quickly do so and when you pick it, don’t sell it to those that are luring people with money. Protect your rights to vote by keeping your voter card intact.

“I am promising you that with me as Governor, good governance will not stop for the next four years.”

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