Wednesday 19 October 2022


“Being proactive is a pillar of spiritual growth and meaningful development” – Eli Landa

The society is characterized by endless chronicles of hopeless situations that are breaking the news by the day. The common patrimonies in the land no longer ingratiate the innovative minds of the coming generations. The mania for mediocrity has eroded every sense of distinction and exceptionality from the youths that are considered to be our assets and our future. The unprecedented ignominy of unemployment, underemployment and rising delinquency amongst the youths have been of overarching concern of generational leaders.

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In the midst of all these innuendos, the Asiwaju of Ijesaland; Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi FNIM, FIMC,FCIRM,FNITD,JP precipitated the need for empowering the youths of Ijesaland by providing a succor  to the endless misery occasioned by the perennial diffusion of despondency  among the youths in our society. The birth of Ijesa Youth Development Initiative kicked-off on Wednesday, 7th September, 2022 with the Maiden Consultative Forum at Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi’s residence in Ilesa having in attendance the Royal Fathers from the six (6) Local Government Areas and the Youth leaders from all the six (6) LGAs.


The acceptable truism that ‘doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment’ occasioned by the Asiwaju of Ijesaland; Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi prompted the Royal Fathers on that momentous day to make unanimous commitments of supporting the youths in provision of lands for agricultural purpose. The Asiwaju of Ijesaland without concealment back the burning-desire to promulgate the developmental agenda for the future of Ijesaland initiated the Ijesa Youths Development Fund with a promise to release the SEED CAPITAL in the sum of Twelve Million Naira (NGN 12,000,000) to the Ijesa Youth Forum (IYF) for the implementation of the empowerment program across the six (6) Local Government Areas in Ijesaland. A NGN50,000 monthly secretariat allowance for IYF national and the six  (6) LGAs for the operational effectiveness in achieving limitless results is also given.


Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi believes that at the core of youth empowerment is the belief that young people are capable of incredible things.  This electrified his undaunted obligation in fulfilling his promise which came to pass today, Wednesday, 19th October, 2022 when the sum of Twelve Million Naira (NGN12,000,000) was released at the rate of (NGN2,000,000) each to support each of the Ijesa Youth Forum (IYF) in the six (6) LGAs of Ijesaland under the auspices of Ijesa Youths Development Fund that Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi helped Ijesa Youth Forum (IYF) to establish. This is indeed the renascence of great things to come in Ijesaland.

When young people have exposure to inspiring ideas and opportunities and the tools to build their confidence – they can take on anything and everything. Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi fulfilled his promise of giving NGN12,000,000 to Ijesa Youth Forum (IYF) inorder to spur the youths in Ijesaland to think-out-of-the-box and to redefine their future by being vehemently creative, ardently innovative and interminably enterprising for the upliftment of Ijesaland.



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