Monday 12 December 2022

2022 AYFF Disbursement: Read how Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi Foundation Disburses WAEC Fees to Ijesaland Students in Style

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi Foundation (AYFF), can be mentioned as a change maker who believes that the more Ijesa children are educated, the more they grow to become responsible citizens who can contribute positively to growth and development of Ijesaland.


Through out this week KakakiOodua will be focussing on the 6th edition of AYFF's intervention in all the 86 Public Secondary Schools in Ijesaland.

In spite of the nose diving economic scenario globally and in Nigeria in particular, one foundation has remained resolute and faithful to its promise to Ijesaland! This foundation has religiously lived up to its bill without any hidden agenda. Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi Foundation (AYFF), a foundation jointly established by the duo of Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi and Yeye Asiwaju Dr Olubisi Fasuyi, the Asiwaju and Yeye Asiwaju of Ijesaland, for the sole objective of promoting and advancing the Educational and Entrepreneurial Empowerment of  people in Ijesaland. 

And this the foundation has been doing consistently for the sixth year running. 

When the foundation debuted in 2017 with the award of Bursary payments to 100 students from all the six LGAs in Ijesaland, many rumoured that the scheme was started for a yet to be unfolded agenda. 

In 2018, when AYFF awarded to an increased 200 students in the six LGAs, tongues were awashed that it must be in preparation for a political interest. Even despite the assurances given by the promoters of AYFF that the paramount agenda was the deep felt yearning to give back to the Community where one is lucky to have emerged, not a few highly placed individuals were unconvinced of this noble and genuine intention of the Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi Foundation (AYFF).

And in the general election year 2019, when AYFF's disbursement increased to a new level of 250 students, all eyes and ears were all on the ground, eager to know the involvement of the promoters of AYFF in the political developments in Ijesaland. Alas, the doubting Thomases were yet again disappointed as nobody could find their names in the register of any political party talkless of seeing their campaign posters!

 It took the large majority of Ijesa Stakeholders in particular and other keen watchers across the country in general, a solid three years to believe that One can actually render genuine selfless service to his/her people, sacrifice his/her hard-earned resources for others without anticipating any form of benefits in return! The example demonstrated by AYFF promoters also confirmed that you do not necessarily have to be in a political office before you can render genuine and selfless service to your community.

With the excruciating global economic situation around the world in year 2020, no thanks to the globally ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, when most students, parents, and guardians were already feeling feverish as to whether any support would be coming for their children and wards that year, the AYFF pleasantly surprised all, not by cancelling the 2020 Bursary Award for obvious reasons, or decreasing the numbers of beneficiary students from the previous years, but rather went to disburse to an increased number of 310 students in year 2020.

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In 2021, the global economy started to witness another episode of trauma aggravated by the Russia/Ukraine war which has thrown so many economies into deep recession, with the Nigeria economy suffering an unprecedented backlash. This should have been enough reason to terminate AYFF's support to its community. However, rather than contemplating the termination of the support, the AYFF re-ordered its priorities and still went ahead to disburse WAEC Fees to 310 students from all the 62 Public Secondary Schools in Ijesaland in 2021 academic session. 

And now the current edition which is the 6th edition in the series of annual WAEC Bursary Disbursement to Public Secondary Schools in Ijesaland!

The dynamics have changed!

The number of schools has changed!*

The number of Students has changed!*

The disbursements location has changed!

The amount disbursed has changed!

The presenters have changed!

The recipients have changed!

The commentaries have changed!

Track these changes by following us in the series of:

AYFF DISBURSEMENTS IN 2022! from tomorrow!

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