Monday 26 December 2022

2022 Iwude Ijesa Festival: Owa's statutory visits in picture

The just concluded 2022 edition of Iwude Ijesa festival was an unforgettable experience that featured several cultural activities one of which was the required annual visits of Owa Obokun Adimula Oba Adekunle Aromolaran's to traditional courtyards of Obaala, Sawe, Lejoka and Salotun. 

At about 10:30am on December 24, 2022, a carnival-like procession kicked off at the ancient Okemese palace.

Oba Aromolaran rode in a white SUV vehicle where at some intervals he had to use its open roof to show himself to the cheering thousands of people, age groups, praise singers, visitors and tourists that trooped through in the spirit of "Iwude" to catch his glimpse. 

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We hope you will find these pictures interesting.

(All photos credit; Taiwo Arewa Smiley)

The Obaala courtyard

The Sawe courtyard



Salotun courtyard

Sawe greets


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