Thursday 26 January 2023

Crisis in Ife/Ijesha Senatorial seat contest deepens as Fadahunsi's renowned thug points accusing finger at Famurewa

Strange things are now happening in Osun State politics. The innocent is being hunted by the powers-that-be in the state to revive their comatose campaign and get an undeserving political leverage. 

A notorious PDP thug, Afolabi Fadahunsi ( Carlos), an associate and family relation of a PDP senator, Ade Fadahunsi, is scheming every strategy to  mention the name of his uncle's main challenger in the forthcoming senate election, Engr Ajibola Famurewa, as one who purchased guns found in his possession when he was arrested in Osogbo by a police special squad from the Federal Criminal Investigation Department, Alagbon.

Recall Carlos Fadahunsi was nabbed last Saturday with two Barreta and one Pump-Action guns by the FCID police before he was whisked to Alagbon for further interrogation.

Carlos, who is notably known as terroriser of APC members in Ilesha and environs, to shield his sponsor, Senator Ade Fadahunsi, has now prevaricated his statement to implicate Famurewa whose Campaign has been adjudged by all and sundry as decent and rancour-free.

So to create credibility problem for Famurewa and slow down his mobility, Fadahunsi, insider sources disclosed, has devised machinations and under-hand tactics to retain the Senate seat which many of his constituents believe he does not deserve owing to his poor performance in the National Assembly.

The question is: how will Carlos, a PDP member and ringleader of those who deface and destroy Famurewa's posters and promotional materials in Ilesha be working for the same Famurewa he and his violent group have done everything to frustrate his ambition?

Written by Isaac Odunayo

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