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In another professionally diagnosed and clinically analysed MUST READ letter by the quintessential Asiwaju of Ijesaland, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi to the Governor of the State of Osun, Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke on his Administration's Scorecard in the fast approaching 100 Days in office, the letter has taken an holistic review of the gains Ijesaland realised thus far from their premium political investment in the election of Governor Ademola Adeleke by repeatedly asking in the letter the question WHERE IS THE IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS?

Read full text below;

His Excellency, 

Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke 

The Executive Governor, 

State of Osun. 

20th February, 2023.


Today Monday, 20th February, 2023 marks the end of the six weeks given by His Excellency, Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke on Tuesday, 10th January, 2023 to the Adhoc Committee on the Review of University of Ilesa. In spite of Ijesa Leadership supporting the Committee with the provision of hitherto 'unavailable' vital documents for its work which ought to have significantly reduced its workload and timeload, the Committee still went ahead to exhaust all the six weeks given. 

In the process, the University of Ilesa lost the golden opportunity of getting the prospective students who are interested in studying at the University of Ilesa to register through the JAMB UTME which is now closed for the 2023/24 academic session. At best now, what the University could enrol as its maiden students will be from the dredges which JAMB is unable to place in their Universities of first choice or what Yoruba calls "ashaku"

Meanwhile, the effort I initiated and facilitated by sourcing for, negotiating and securing for the University Governing Council the services of a Nigeria based International Information Technology firm, a Gold Microsoft Partner, Lotus Beta Analytics Ltd in both registering three domain names for the University at no cost; and also developing a world class website with novel features for the University of Ilesa, at Pro Bono, no cost to the University has been temporarily disrupted courtesy of the "STOP WORK ON THE UNIVERSITY" directive from the State Government of Wednesday, 25th January, 2023. The domain name registration has been successfully completed with Nigeria Internet Registration Authority (NIRA) and the website development, coming with the first of its kind features in Nigeria University System, which was at over 90% completion before the Stop Work directive would have enabled prospective students enrol for this year 2023 April/May JAMB UTME by picking University of Ilesa as their first choice. Alas, this ambition to stand University of Ilesa shoulder higher than others has been put on hold by the State Government!

In another 14 days from today, precisely on Monday 6th March, 2023 the Administration of His Excellency, Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke shall be 100 Days in office. 100-Day has become a universal goalpost and milestone where the morning of the Administration is perceived in terms of its capacity for positive addition or negative subtraction to the political baseline met on ground. The popular Yoruba adage says Bi ojo ti ma ri, owuro ni ati nmo Another corollary Yoruba adage says oju to ma ba eni kaale, kii ti aaro se ipin

The pertinent question to begin to ask Mr Governor by all Ijesas anywhere in the world, be it in Osu, Ibokun, Ifewara, Iperindo, Ipetu-Ijesa, Esa-Oke, Ijebu-jesa, Ibodi, Abuja, Ibadan, PortHarcourt, Lagos, New York, Maryland, Houston, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Jersey, Atlanta, London, Manchester, Paris, St. Petersburg, Accra, Johannesburg, Saudi Arabia, Nairobi, etc is WHERE IS IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS? Ijesas have invested 4 out of her 6 local governments' votes in the Political Party of Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke and his election as Governor of the State of Osun, hence, her due justification for the pertinent  question!

In a typical Business Corporate World, when you buy shares like that of First Bank or Cadbury Plc, it is normal to expect dividends at a particular period by the shareholders from the invested organisations. It comes in terms of financial gains to all shareholders who have preferred their stocks to those of others. 

Similarly, Ijesaland have invested their premium votes in the Political Party  and election of Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke and it is their inalienable right to demand for dividends of democracy in the 100 Days in office by His Excellency, Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke. So, His Excellency WHERE IS IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS?


In the course of his political campaign for this exalted office, the would-be Governor visited on Thursday, 28th April 2022 the Royal Palace of His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr) Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran II, CFR, LL.D the Owa Obokun Adimula and Paramount Ruler of Ijesaland where he stoutly identified with the number one yearning of Ijesaland, the establishment of University of Ilesa, which had hitherto been pronounced upon by the former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola on Thursday, 31st March, 2022.

Is it therefore not an irony of fate and political shortchanging of the entire Ijesaland that their number one desire and request upon which they invested their political votes is far from being in the frontburner of the Administration in its 100 Days in office. The question again is WHERE IS IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS?

A fortnight ago, precisely on Thursday, 2nd February 2023 the Governor in a rare show of magnanimity, benevolence, and empathy approved the commencement of payments of all arreas being owed the Civil Servants in the State. The promise which was fulfilled last week through the payment of Billions of Naira to the deserving Civil Servants in the State of Osun.


What is good for the goose is good for the gander! So, the Civil Servants in the State of Osun have received their 100-Day dividends from Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke. 


Just two days ago, on Saturday 18th, February, 2023 the government of Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke announced its decision to subsidise more than 40% the prices of fertilisers and chemicals to the farmers in the State of Osun. 

Wow! Lucky Farmers in the State of Osun smiling home with Billions Naira worth of subsidies or their DIVIDENDS FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS!

 Ijesaland therefore justifiably ask  WHERE IS IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS?


A simple economic analysis reveals that the entire Ijesaland stands to earn an average of N20B (Twety Billion Naira) a year or N1.67B (One Billion, Six Hundred and Seventy Million Naira) every month with the full operations of the University of Ilesa from the economic linkages associated with the University. 


1. A University of Ilesa with a minimum Students' Population of 20,000 Students with each student bringing an average upkeep allowance of N50k per student per month to spend in Ijesaland. 

20,000 Students × N50,000 per month = N1,000,000,000 Per Month.

N1,000,000,000  ×  12 Months      = N12,000,000,000 Per Annum 

2. University of Ilesa with 1,000 combined Academic and Non-Academic Staff;  EACH with a disposable income of N100,000.

1,000 Staff × N100,000 Monthly =  N100,000,000 Monthly Expenditure. 

N100,000,000 ×12 Months =  N1,200,000,000 Per Annum 

3. Visiting Parents, Guardians, Relatives, and Friends To their Children/Wards/ Students. EACH student receiving an average of ONE VISITOR IN A MONTH

A visitor spending an average of N30,000 during the visit. 

20,000 Students  × 1 Visitor × N30,000= N600,000,000 Monthly. 

N600,000,000 × 12 Months = N7,200,000,000 Per Annum.

4. Visitors to the 1,000 Academic and Non-Academic Staff in a month EACH receiving ONE GUEST spending an average of N30,000 in a month. 

1,000 Staff × N30,000 Per Guest = N30,000,000 Monthly


N30,000,000 × 12 Months = N360,000,000

TOTAL    :  N20,760,000,000:00

(Twenty Billion, Seven Hundred and Sixty Million Naira)

So in the three months of non operation of the University of Ilesa, the farmers in Oko-Ago, Olowu, Iwara, Faforiji, Odogbo, Alagbon, Iwaraja, Dagbaja, Erinmo, Itaapa, Iwoye, Alaka, Ijaregbe, Isaobi, Otan, Oke-Ibode, Idominasi, Odo, Aiyegbaju, Erin, Iregun, Aiyetoro, Ipasi, etc are losing incomes from foods to be produced for these Students, Academic Staff, Non-Academic Staff, and Visitors to the Students , School, and Staff. 

Ibodi, Osu, Ileki, Odo-Iju, and Ilesa are losing incomes that could have been earned from accommodation  rents.

Transporters such as inter-city and intra-city transporters are losing commuters who would have been patronising them bringing Students from different parts of the country to Ilesa, and also commuting around Ijesaland. 

The Atakunmosa multipurpose market which harbours all Ijesas from all different communities  in Ijesaland and beyond will be losing in fabric, shoes, wears, and household stuff sales. 

Patronage to Erin-Ijesa Waterfall with increased picnics and excursions from Students are currently lost.

The restive unemployed Youths in Ijesaland who could have picked new vocations in furniture & furnishings, construction works, catering, make-up, farming, merchandise, etc in response to the new emerging markets are being denied. 

The tailors that litter the city and neighbouring towns are denied patronage. The barbers and saloonists are not also spared from earnings that they would have made attending to the needs of 20,000 students and 1,000 staff. 

The local consumption of TROPHY lager beer and associated drinks would not have only multiplied in leaps but the earnings of our hoteliers would have also soared from increased patronage from Students and Visitors to the students and staff. 

The State Government is also shooting herself in the legs by not recognising the tax income she stands to reap from the economic boost coming from the full operation of the University. Sales and Income Tax may be yielding as much as 10% of the projected N20B which comes to N2B (Two Billion Naira) in a year,   which in turn is about 300% of what the State Government is programmed to provide yearly to the University of Ilesa. A situation of net surplus to the State Government!

At an average economic loss of N1.67B in a month to Ijesaland arising from the failure to open the University of Ilesa for full academic business, Ijesaland would have lost a whopping sum of N5,000,000,000 (Five Billion Naira) within the 100 Days of this administration, hence, the question again is WHERE IS  IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS?

Ijesas are anxiously waiting to hear from His Excellency, Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke of what has happened to her political votes investment in his party and by extension his election into the Bola Ige's House in Osogbo, and answer the question WHERE IS IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS?


A popular Yoruba adage admonishes thus Oba m'ewa, Igba m'ewa! The Administration of Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke is the 18th Administration since the struggle to have a University in Ilesa started. Of these eighteen Administrations, some are perpetually cursed while few enjoy idolic memories in the hearts of Ijesas. The current eighteenth Administration of Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke has a choice with history to make from any of the two chapters, opened to record the Development History of Ijesaland. 

If in 100 Days, Ijesas are not going to be entitled to her more than deserved DIVIDENDS in her premium and colossal investment in the election of Mr Governor to the office, then we plead of Mr Governor not to leave Ijesaland worse than he met it. There was already a University of Ilesa Licensed by the only regulatory body, National Universities Commission (NUC) after due diligence.

 Licensed to start operation since Thursday, 10th November, 2022 (102 Days Ago Today) with both the University Governing Council and Principal Officers already in place BUT whose operation is stalled with the inauguration of popularly perceived unnecessary and diversionary Adhoc Committee on the Review of University, a University which was already Licensed coupled with the STOP WORK directive to the University Governing Council. 

This reminds me of the Yoruba adage which says Orisa bi o le gbemi, fi mi s'ile bi o ti ba mi

If the Administration of Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke is not planning of adding New Industry, New Educational Institutions,New Employment Generating Enterprises, New Infrastructure to Ijesaland as her deserved dividend, then, let him leave Ijesaland to flourish with her already recognised and licensed University of Ilesa. 

100-Day of this Administration is still 14 days away, maybe the question on the lip of every Ijesa Royal Fathers, Ijesa Leaders, Elders, Daughters and Sons both at home and in the diaspora, Ijesa Youths, Ijesa Friends and Associates all over the world asking loudly WHERE IS IJESALAND'S DIVIDEND FROM THE GOVERNOR IN 100 DAYS? would have been positively and remarkably answered in fourteen days' time starting with the full operation of the 60th State University and 220th University in Nigeria, The University of Ilesa a University destined to take the world to a new level in Human Capital Development!

May Mr Governor's Choice Pleases History!

Long live The University of Ilesa!

Long live The State of Osun!

Long live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi

The Asiwaju of Ijesaland

Oke Baba Okuta Villa, Ilesa.

20th February, 2023

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