Friday 24 February 2023

OGUNGBANGBE Transverses Supports for APC's Victory at Elections _boosts party's electioneering _assists on public spirited projects..... By ISAAC OLUSESI

The kinds of Thomas Olaleye Ogungbangbe, Ph.D are a rare breed, far and in - between. He’s one discernible mind, stirring the electoral firmaments of Nigeria in his own way like the currents of hurricane winds and waves revitalize nutrient supplies. He's so friendly to rely on for empathy, trust, and particularly, budgetary support to the victory of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates in Nigeria, in the general elections, coming up tomorrow.

Of course, yes. Ogungbangbe does step outside his familiar business circles. He appreciated that the APC candidates for the elections have had long time relationships with him, satiating his lifeblood; and the altruistic man gave a humble quota in millions of naira to the candidates' electioneering dive to ease triumphant wins at the polls. The understanding is that it's incumbent on the candidates when elected to deploy requisite potentials and create pragmatic footprints on the socio- economic growth and development of their constituencies to take their respective states of origin to greater heights. 

The hints about the impetus Ogungbangbe's consistently immense support and help to public spirited community projects and bodies corporate were first picked at the solemn events where he gave 1,000 bags of 50kg rice and 1,000 bags of beans to the local populace crisscrossed the council areas of Osun State.

The string of excitements in electoral politics, strewn with challenges, including finances that could implode the chances of winning in public elections is meaning making to Ogungbangbe but places no burden on him. It’s just within his domesticity of giving; for him, giving is a revolving door. He handed out teeming money to the APC Ijesa North candidates with overlapping spillage to APC Ijesa South, and kept faith with them as they navigate to National Assembly (NASS) and State House of Assembly, assuaged and reinvigorated. Forward and on track. 

Ogungbangbe is unique in more ways than one. His other distinction is that the largesse made to the APC candidates' electioneering in Osun was simultaneously replicated in millions of naira each to many federal constituencies across the nation, North, West and East bound where his good friends in APC are also parliamentarian candidates in the Saturday general elections. He's not done yet. For Ogungbangbe, security is more than offering extra pair of eyes and ears to feel safe and secure, he made monetary contribution to the  more strategic security of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidential campaigns, the type of security, marked the backbone of political campaign safety.

The pressure on Ogungbangbe to re- join politics has not diminished. He's known for his political savvy. But he seems to be saying, though he has a good understanding and practical knowledge of politics, politicking and elections, his image as a shrewd businessman and boardroom guru who owns blue chip stakes in business, requires tenacity to outlive competitors in the same investment world. For now, what does he do? The hidden holder of wealth leverages assistance to progressive politicians, desiring higher elective posts as he believes in their victory at elections.

For Ogungbangbe, a member of the prestigious Lagos Country Club, Nigeria, politics is not entirely a strange bed fellow. He was in the campus politics in his student days; and has been through Alliance for Democracy, AD, Action Congress, AC, Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and now APC; at one time, a House of Representative aspirant in Ijesa North.

Outside politics, Ogungbangbe has continually impacted greatly on Nigerians and Nigerian communities athwart ethnics, religions and party affliations. He has to his credit quite a lot of scholarships offered to indigent students, and renovated classrooms, electrification projects, Christian sanctuaries and Muslim mosques, denominations crosswise, were donated to different communities, including Iloko-Ijesa, Iragbiji, Osogbo, Badagry, among others and at different times. His N300million worth of road constructed, linking Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, in conformity with the social responsibility policy of his company, other projects spread across Authentic Nigeria Football Supporters’ Club, VCN Sports International Table Tennis Court for RCCG Traffic Squad speak volumes of the man. 

Ogungbanbe’s pecuniary aid to the APC candidates, length and breadth of Nigeria, is a two – way street that holds the aided accountable to the constituencies, the electors, after victory and also gets Ogungbangbe, the aider or aide increased recognition and fulfilment, feeling good or satisfied that he has had productive aftermath on other people; and it symbiotically confers on him the myth of invincibility of perspectives outside his usual aviation networks that also boosts the ogle of his colleague business leaders to his personal social net worth.

The reciprocity here is getting the assisted and the assister more into concord junctional rhythm.

And that's the splendour and grandeur of good relationships.

 OLUSESI ([email protected]) writes at the Foot of the Most Merciful. Most Gracious. All-knowing.

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