Saturday 27 May 2023


Ogbeni and Governor Adegboyega Oyetolnnja were both nominated for CON award. Those who preferred Aregbesola said he was Governor for 8 years while Oyetola was Governor for only 4 years and that he's a serving minister. His tenure as minister was characterized by incessant jailbreak and shortage of passports. 

Those who preferred Oyetola said it's not how far but how well. They said Aregbesola did well in his first term but he destroyed APC in his second term with half salary and his many anti people policies. They opined that APC lost every bye elections conducted in his second term including the woeful lost of the party in 2017 Osun West Senatorial bye election, the action which gave life back to the opposition party and Adeleke family. 

Infact, it was observed that it would have been better if APC lost in 2014 and got it back in 2018 because APC lost it's credibility and popularity between 2014-2018 due to the draconian rule of the former governor. They said APC got over 390 thousands votes in 2014 only to reduced it to 250 thousand in 2018, while Oyetola soared the popularity of the party by increasing the fortune of the party from 250 thousands in 2018 to 375 thousands in 2022 despite inherited uncountable burdens including huge debts from Aregbesola's government. 

Some South West progressive governors also tackled Aregbesola, saying his level of anti party in legendary with reference to Ondo governorship election in 2016 and Osun in 2022 and 2023 general elections. 

President Muhammadu Buhari has no choice than to cave in for common sense. He also appreciates Governor Oyetola for not borrowing to develop the state during his tenure for it's better to serve for 4 years deligently than waste 8 years and left burden for your successor. It's not the number of years you served that matters, but the quality of service you rendered to the people during the period of your service.

Bye and large, Oyetola is the first Osun Governor that will bag national honour since 1999. It's indeed not how far but how well. Congratulations to Osun people and APC members in particular.

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