Wednesday 14 June 2023

When God refused Aregbesola's prayer to bring down President Tinubu ....Rauf's show of shame tagged homecoming celebration in Osun....

Former Minister of Police Affairs, Alhaji Jelili Adesiyan, has joined the litany of the critics of the immediate-past Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr Rauf Aregbesola, over the celebration of his homecoming which he has turned to an avenue to get at the immediate-past Governor Gboyega Oyetola and his acolytes. Aregbesola together with some members of the dissolved infamous The Osun Progressives (TOP) which has metamorphosed to Friends of Rauf Aregbesola (FORA), and some hired political urchins had spent four days celebrating what was tagged his homecoming after his four-year less some months' term under the administration of former President Mohammed Buhari.

Aregbesola had turned the occasion to eulogise the Peoples Democratic Party's PDP administration of the state, Governor Ademola Adeleke, the head of the PDP government and some of the active players in the Adeleke-led administration who were also visibly present during the four-day homecoming celebration. Commenting from his base in the United States of America on Wednesday, the former Minister of Police Affairs observed that the so-called Aregbesola's four-day celebration of his homecoming as a minister was a glaring show of shame which could only be exhibited by someone of Aregbesola's status who has no conscience for being an accessory to the loss of the state to the PDP during the last series of elections in the state.

Adesiyan stated that the mistake that Aregbesola who has an exaggerated notion of his current popularity has been making is that he thinks he is a success story politically because he was made a two-term commissioner in Lagos State; two-term Osun State governor and about four years federal minister when the reverse is the case. He disclosed that what he was yet to fathom was how Aregbesola sheepishly being followed by his wife, Sherifat, like Steeve Wonder, has been visiting some individuals in the state to tell them that he has come back as if anyone sent him on any errand in the first instance.

Adesiyan stated that it was disheartening and irritating to see how Aregbesola and his shameless cronies have been going round the state as if the APC which he had abandoned for four years is his personal enterprise and that of his extended family. The former Police Affairs Minister also hinted that the most annoying thing was the latest sing-song of Aregbesola that he intends to reorganise the state APC which loss he caused by working for all the PDP candidates during the series of the elections that were held in the state.

Adesiyan told Aregbesola to honestly ask himself if there is any justification for him to parade himself as a member or leader of the APC anywhere in Nigeria when it is on record that himself and his opportunistic followers openly worked against the governorship re-election of Oyetola and President Tinubu.

In Adesiyan's words: "I wonder why Aregbesola behaves as if he is the only former minister from the state.  If he could celebrate his homecoming for four days as a former minister, he would celebrate the same for one year if he were to be the ex-President!

"Here is a fellow who never voted in any of the elections hankering to reorganize the APC. If I may ask Aregbesola, as what or as who is he contemplating the reorganization of the APC in Osun as you are not the only former minister or governor in the party if there's any justification to even count you as a member?  It is also on record that you teamed up with the enemies of your principal benefactor in life, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu,  who brought you out of poverty and political obscurity to the limelight to cause his political misfortune before the presidential primary and general elections.

"The people are not so forgetful not to remember the curses you publicly rained on President Tinubu at different fora in Ijebu-Jesa, Osogbo, Iwo and Ikire where you prayed to God to bring Asiwaju down and taunting him that he was spitting urine on his body.  If you could say so many negative things against Asiwaju Tinubu who brought you out of penury and want, there is little or no difference between you and an animal or Judas Iscariot in the Holy Bible who betrayed Jesus Christ.

"In the hitherto Tinubu political dynasty, your place, another man has taken because of your arrogance and lack of character which is exemplified by your rabid and callous behaviour.

If Tinubu had lost the presidential election to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Rauf would have said that he called on GOD to destroy TINUBU and GOD listened to him as he did to OYETOLA. What an arrant nonsense!

"No individual is greater than the leadership of the APC in the state. If you and your cohorts are genuinely remorseful, which I doubt due to your subsequent utterances that were pungently laced with arrogance approach the Professor Isaac Adewole-led 11-man committee which is statutorily saddled with the responsibility of the repositioning of the APC in Osun State, is there for you to take an advantage of. Lest I forget to point out that it was damning insulting for you to state that that would be the last time that you would beg anyone for forgiveness on the raging Osun APC issue. By the way, who is asking for your  insincere apology which does not worth anything?

"We are not unaware of a clandestine ploy by you to seize the jugular of the Osun State APC executive through the activities of some pliable judicial officers by way of pecuniary arrangements through filing of frivolous court processes. Your agents have been moving around the corridor of the courts desperately shopping for illegal court instruments to cause cataclysm in the party. 

If you think that because you have lost the grip of  the APC in Lagos and Abuja is not conducive for you politically too because of your negative antecedents, you are making a great mistake by your desperation to become the leader of the party in Osun State as we would not hesitate to use any legal means to effect your dislodgement.

"Since the PDP had finished using you for their diabolical means of assisting in winning Osun State, they cannot trust you just the way you have expressly lost the trust, confidence and loyalty of all the genuine members of the APC.

Have you bothered to find out why your preferred sponsored candidate for the position of the Speaker in the Adeleke-led administration did not fly? It is because Adeleke and his team are smarter than you. 

"The position of SUBEB chairmanship which was eyed by the chairman of your dissolved dissident TOP, one  Razak  Salinshile, who attended the inauguration of Governor Adeleke on November 27, 2022,  has also been given to an indigenous and trusted member of the PDP. Rauf would be making another fatal mistake if he continues to think that the PDP would be so naive to give his agent in the Adeleke-led administration the position of the attorney-general of the state.

"And since God has refused your prayer to bring down President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, it is advisable you try your hand in creating a third force in the political arrangement of the state or you go back to your generator repairing job at Akowonjo in Lagos.

What is certain is that you have lost this political war to arrogance, dishonesty, avariciousness, deceit and greed",  Adesiyan submitted. 

He added further that: "Any stream that forgets its source will dry instantly".

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