Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Fans gift veteran actor Lalude car days after making request

Days after soliciting support from fans, veteran actor, Fatai Oodua Adekunle Adatayo aka Lalude, has become a car owner.

Well-known for his role as an herbalist in Yoruba movies, Lalude was presented a red Toyota Corolla by one comedian identified as Kamo and others on behalf of fans that donated.

In the car presentation clip, Kamo appreciated all who donated, revealing a mechanic was on the ground to ensure the car was in an optimal state as he obliged Lalude to inspect the interior of the car including the boot.

He proceeded to appreciate his fans for their benevolence and support while also showering them with prayers.

Lalude expressed happiness at having been given a vehicle after requesting one rather than asking for money due to poor health.

On June 9, Kamo, who’s best known for his work with the comedy group Nepa Boyz, indicated that after calling the movie veteran to help with the creation of a skit, he found out that he didn’t own a car.

Lalude’s challenge moved Kamo, who joined the actor in a video where they both explained the situation and begged fans to lend a hand by providing him with a car.

A fan who didn’t want to be named sent in N3 million to help buy the automobile soon after the movie star’s crowdfunding video went viral, and Kamo also pledged N1 million.

This comes just days after a fan gifted renowned actress, Margaret Olayinka, better known as Iya Gbonkan, a new automobile.


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