Wednesday 12 July 2023

Newly Elected Rep Sent Out Of Chamber For Improper Dressing

There was a mild drama at the House of Representatives on Wednesday when a member who came to the chamber “improperly dressed” was walked out.

The lawmaker, whose identity could not be ascertained because he is one of the newly elected members, entered the chamber casually dressed in a red t-shirt and brown trousers.

The lawmaker walked in and took his seat at the upper gallery of the temporary chamber of the House when the House was almost rounding off the proceeding for the day.

Shortly after taking his seat, a member of the House, Billy Osaweru, raised a point of order, drawing the attention of the Speaker to the lawmaker’s improper dressing.

He said the lawmaker’s outfit was in contravention of the House dressing code.

As soon as the Speaker’s attention was drawn to the member’s improper dressing, the lawmaker in question was forced out of the chamber

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