Tuesday 22 August 2023

After Disbanding TOP Aregbesola Launches Omoluabi Caucus

Former Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has reiterated his dedication to the All Progressives Congress during the launch of the Omoluabi Caucus of the APC in Ilesa.

Addressing the criticism surrounding his appointment, Aregbesola emphasized that political parties comprise various interests and tendencies.

He described the Omoluabi Caucus as a group of like-minded individuals within the APC in the state, asserting that it is not a faction but rather an alliance of individuals who share similar values.

Aregbesola clarified that his caucus is deeply committed to the APC, even during challenging times. He likened the caucus to long-distance runners, indicating their steadfastness amidst adversity. He acknowledged the existence of different caucuses within the party and stressed the importance of unity to achieve electoral success.

He drew parallels with the United States’ political landscape, explaining that parties are composed of diverse groups with aligned interests.

 Aregbesola highlighted the significance of cooperation among these groups to secure electoral victories. He stated that parties face setbacks when this cooperation falters.

Aregbesola also addressed the loss of progressive ideals within the APC in the state and its impact on the party’s performance. He expressed optimism that the Omoluabi Caucus would help steer the party back to its winning ways by returning to the values upheld by notable figures in progressive politics.

The newly formed caucus adopted core values including progressivism, Omoluabi ethos (a Yoruba belief system), discipline, competence, and inclusivity. The caucus is comprised of members from each of the 332 wards in the state, representing various local governments.

Reaction on an Osun APC WhatsApp platform some members remarked that while awaiting the report of the Prof. Isaac Adewole's eleven Man committee to reposition the party and reconcile all aggrieved members, Osun APC loyal members should that his Omoluabi Caucus can only be a continuation of  The Osun Progressives (TOP) program and not Osun APC program.

"If Ogbeni is finding a way to apologize and work for the party fine, but if his plan is to pull out from the party, our silence might be counter productive. 

"Aregbesola group will leave APC in the end if they don't have their way, so it is better to disown them now, unless we think we can still work together." A member remarked 

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