Tuesday 8 August 2023

Ondo Football Coach Reportedly Killed Ex-lover...

Bankole Oginni, a football coach in Ondo state, has narrated how he killed his ex-lover after inviting her to his home.

The state police command arrested Oginni for allegedly killing his ex-lover on Sunday.

Funmilayo Odunlami-Omisanya, Ondo state police spokesperson, said Oginni invited the victim to his house in the Oke-Aro area of Akure and doused her with hot water.

The police spokesperson said the victim was tied with a rope while a knife and sack were found beside her.

While narrating what prompted his actions, the 45-year-old football coach said the deceased slumped after he offered her drinks.

Oginni said he got “scared” and decided to pour hot water on her body in hopes that she will resuscitate.

Oginni said he took out her intestines and her private parts because “I was afraid of the police and wanted to cover” his track.

“The deceased on Saturday called me that she needs my help. I have been helping her for a long time and any time she is in need of money, being my ex,” he said.

“I asked her to come to my daddy’s house. When she got there, I offered her coke. She did not even drink the coke when she slumped.

“When she slumped I was scared, I did not know what to do and that made me take some other decisions. I poured her hot water with the hope that she will wake up.

“When the whole thing happened, I was very scared and I did not know what to do after. I also cut her because I thought I could keep it somewhere.

“I cut her intestines and her private parts so that I can put them inside bags. It was because I was very scared, I was perplexed and I was afraid of the police.

“I did not do it for any purpose. Nobody sent me to remove her private parts. I did it to cover myself.”

Odunlami-Omisanya added that the suspect will be charged in court after the completion of an investigation.

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