Thursday 23 November 2023



I think I was wrong seeing Adeleke  a substitute to Oyetola. The matter of OSUN state occupies a top place  on my mind. A state with great potentials but no real substance to show for it. It is a pity Ademola Adeleke is a governor for a disposition like this. 

I am ashamed of this kind of charade going on in Osun State.

Yesterday, I give kudos to Goge Africa, a tourism programme on television. Initially when Adeleke got to government, I thought he was a serious man, who desire to take Osun to a greater height but I was proved wrong. 

I wanted to offer myself and service free of charge for the development of Arts, Culture, Tourism and allied fields which I later realized that the present government in Osun was not really ready for dynamic transformation. 

I was highly elated to see Ayekunugba waterfalls in Oke Ila-Orogun brought to fore by Goge Africa. This is a private initiative who saw the depth of natural blessing and cultural resources Osun is endowed with. 

The  Imesi-ile Kiriji war site, Olumirin waterfall at Erin Ijesa, the hill ridges of Erinmo, Esa-Oke towards Okemesi, Owa Obokun's palace at Ipole and Ilesa, the bundle of tradition at Ile-Ife and Ila-Orangun... A great scene of tourism and cultural resources Ile-Ife, Ila Orangun, Osogbo, etc 

I have given up on Adeleke and hope to partner with the next administration in Osun if indeed we would have a dynamic government that desires to change the narratives if I am still available around here. Osun has a lot to offer the world but, it depends on who governs her. 

I will continue to encourage Goge Africa as a private initiative to go ahead in showcasing what Osun has to offer the world in Cultural resources and Tourism.

Culled from Adeoye Agunlejika's Facebook timeline 

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