Sunday 3 December 2023

At Ita-Apa Ijesa Community Annual Anniversary, Monarchs, Guests, Residents Bemoan Bad Roads (Photos and Video Clips)

HRM Oba Alexander Kujembola, the Alapa of Ita-Apa Ijesa, his invited guests and residents that all converged at Ita-Apa Ijesa, Atakumosa East local government, Osun State to celebrate the annual Ita-Apa Ijesa Day on Saturday were all equivocal in their condemnation of the deplorable state of the two roads leading to the town either from Eti-Oni end or Odogbo Ijesa end.

KAKAKIOODUA correspondent that was in Ita-Apa Ijesa community for the coverage of the event had an hectic and unforgettable experience as he travelled in company of Mr. Wale Idowu, former Director General of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC), making entry into the town using the Iwara, Igangan, Owode, Oko-Aago, Eti-Ooni road and existing the town using Ita-apa, Ajido, Aladura, Awopetu, Aba Store, Odogbo-Ijesa, Iwara road.

Both roads have become serious challenge for motorists, motorcyclists and residents, making it extremely difficulty to transport farm produce such as cocoa, plantain, banana, cassava, palm-oil, kolanuts which is massively produced in the zone thus decreasing the mobility of labour and materials.

In his welcome address Oba Alexander Kujembola highlighted the primary objectives of the Annual Anniversary as avenue for lta-Apa Sons and daughters at home and abroad to get-together for the development of the community and also to pinpoint what the community looks forward to from state authority.

"Construction of motorable road- because the present road from llesa to Itapa- Eti-Oni is a death trap and the government should ensure that these communities are also enjoying the benefits/dividends of democracy." Oba Kujembola laments

Other requests mentioned by the monarch included agricultural support for our farmers, supply of borehole drinkable water, women empowerment/ small scale enterprises.

"The Government should also give more attention to environmental sanitation and also improve upon its system of revenue generation and collection." He said

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VIDEO: Eti-Oni- Ita-Apa Ijesa road... Mr. Wale Idowu drives 

Also speaking at the occasion, Mr. Wale Idowu who represented the Chairman of the day, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi Asiwaju of ljesaland also berated the ugly situation of the road as he narated his travelogue from Ilesa. 

In his remarks Mr. Idowu considered the roads he passed to get to the the lifeline for all the rural all communities he passed through. "The network of roads which was opened up as far back as the regime of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of the old Western Region to play an important role in poverty alleviation, enable transportation of men, material and goods and boost rural as well as overall economic growth of the country should not be left in ruins by present day generation." He said 

The 2023 edition of the Anniversary also featured a N25 million fund raising as Ita-Apa Ijesa community groups, societies pay homage to the Atapa and make donations.

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VIDEO: HRM Oba Jacob Adetayo Haastrup Olumobi of Imobi-Ijesa Speakd

HRM Oba Jacob Adetayo Haastrup Olumobi of Imobi-Ijesa who was the Royal Father of the day supported by his wife Olori Hon.Justice Rakiya Haastrup in his goodwill message at the occasion remarked on the importance of tarring and maintenance of roads in the Ita-Apa Ijesa axis as very essential for sustaining agricultural development and provide a boost to the agricultural activities in the area. "rural roads are a key component of rural development". He remarked

 More Photos: (All photos/Video Clips/coverage/script Credit Oladimeji Lasore+2347035105413 [email protected] )

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