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Araj is a businessman who is not a card carrying member of any political party, by virtue of his philanthropic activities through AARAJI EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION (AEF), hundreds of thousands of people in Osun has benefitted immensely, for further enquiries, visit

Aaraji was approached by the Adelekes to support them in their quest to become the Governor of osun state in the last general  election held July 2022, the entourage to AARAJIS GRA MANSION,  Osogbo was led by the Present state party chairman of the  Pdp (Honourable Sunday Bisi), Rev Bunmi Jenyo,the present Senate minority leader(Senatpr Lere Oyewunmi)to beg for his support knowing fully well the thousands of followers he has across the state.

Aaraji gave them reasons before he can work for them as follows;

-He won't be a card carrying member of PDP 

-His funds which the former Goverment failed to release will be paid should they win.

-Aaraji constructions Ltd will be patronized to cater for the thousands of followers by creating jobs and financial means for them

-His town (Osogbo) will be developed infrastructurally and in human capacity 

All the above was agreed and they won.

The Governor visited Aarajis House on the 13th of August  2022 to thank him for his visible support befire,during and after his election victory and to celebrate his birthday with him.

The Governor was sworn in 27th of Nov, 2022 and by 30th of November, a sign of hatred for Aaraji started.

Prior to the Governors swearing in,the project coordinator of RAMP (Engr Okediya) was wrongly sacked by the previous government for reasons best known to them. Aaraji took the project coordinator to Senator Adeleke for saving the state about 200million Naira, Mr Governor in waiting then appreciated Engr Okediya and instructed AARAJI THRICE to accompany the project coordinator back to his office immediately after his swearing in ceremony, this instruction was witnessed by the project coordinator, the ramp accountant and a lady named Folake from RAMP, also the interim party chairman(Dr Akindele) was sited too and  he did on the 28th of November ,2022, Aaraji had his security escorts with him and all went well.

On the 30th of Nov, Chief Mrs Dupe Adeleke (The Governors elder sister) phoned Aaraji on the reasons why he escorted the sacked Project coordinator, Aaraji explained it was on the instructions of Mr Governor and argument ensued, the conversation ended abruptly.

A committee was set up and Engr Okediya was restored till date.

Aaraji's major sin was his support for President Tinubu and Senator Bashiru during the last  Presidential and senatorial elections in Osun state, they were APC candidates, his candidates won in Araj's dominated local government and his failure to prostrate for contract awards.

Aaraji till date is a friend to all the former Governors in the state including Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, prior to the emergence of Governor Adeleke, Aaraji was a major factor in the election of Governor Gboyega Oyetola but for Oyetola's rejection of Aregbesola's loyalist6, Aaraji worked against him and Oyetola lost the election.

Aaraji is fast becoming a major stakeholder in the politics of Osun state which has created fear across different parties.

Aaraji's empowerment foundation known as AEF with registered members of over 50,000 people especially youths is a force in the present day Osun to rekcon with, his December 9, 2023 Kejebu hangout shook the state to a standstill,over 5000 people attended and were fed breakfast and lunch, over 1000 aged women were given free ankara and sewn freely by the foundation.

One thousand people benefitted from his free health medical treatment at any hospital of their choice for the next one year across the state, all this and many more have become a threat to the ADELEKES who reneged on their promises with Aaraji. The kejebu crooner also plaited and barbed hair last Christmas for over 3000 aged people.

Within four months (Sept-Dec) in 2023, Aaraji empowered 10 youths with one million naira each as business start up funds, over 200 youths got from 100k-500k as startt up funds, this gestures have endeared majority of the people to him, IDAN 001 as popularly called has never been voted for nor made a dime from public funds, if you want to know more, please visit 

Finally Aaraji has struck a business relationship with Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state, he is presently the infrastructure partner to Oyo state government on the infrastructure development of Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi G.R A development in ibadan,he has no political relationship whatsoever with  the performing Governor.

Guilty conscience has arrested the minds of the leadership of PDP in Osun state who failed to honour agreement reached with AARAJI before coming to power, using Daramola, an undergraduate civil engineering student of Adekeke University as a front of attacks, it is so unfortunate, his birthday last weekend was also used to attack Aaraji on the blue app, Aaraji is a loving, brilliant, humble and people loving soul,they should let him be .

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