Wednesday 10 January 2024

Year 2023 Charity Landmarks .......By Oni Gbolabo

It is axiomatic that nobody has option to choose who his or her parents will be, country of birth or gender. Same way, nobody can choose not to be physically challenged, we that are able are just favored. 

Since those that are physically challenged have no option, it becomes obligatory to us to show compassion towards them. 

According to Maya Angelou, ‘people may forget what you do, people may forget what you say but they will never forget how you make them feel’’. It is our obligation to make these people feel good to ease their challenges. 

My profound gratitude goes to those who make the Physically Challenged Pupils, Enu-Odi, Ilesha and others under our care feel good in Year 2023. You will never be ashamed neither be disgraced. These are the achievements for the year 2023 under review:

1. Mr. Laitan Obileye opened benevolence 2023 with hundreds of new children clothes, kids’ materials and toys from United Kingdom for the children. We distributed them to the kids together. 

Unspeakable joy reflected on the faces of the children. Barely weeks after, Prof. Boye Omole also added some clothed for the children. Mr. Abayomi Fashoro also gave the children clothes and food items all the way from France. Appreciation to you all.

2. I was forced to go out of my ways to obtain JAMB forms for 3 indigent non-physically challenged students from Hope Grammar School, Ilesha. I was forced because they were not covered in the scope of the charity work. The focus is specifically for the physically challenged.

3. The 13 pupils under scholarships were duly financed: 10 pupils from Ilesha, one in Paceli School for the Blind, Lagos, one in Igbajo and another one in Ogbomosho. The lady in Ogbomosho has obtained Jamb and done her NECCO, as at today December, 2023 we are rigorously in pursuit of her admission into Special College of Education (SPED), Oyo, Oyo State.

4. We bought mattress for a man in Ibokun town who is physically challenged. He was sleeping on the floor. He is on N5K monthly stipends which I pay personally because I couldn’t come to the public all the time. I will be grateful if anyone can pick his case solely.

5. It is worth noting that some visually challenged retirees (10) are under N5k stipend monthly. This is a serious task as they always look forward to the stipend which may not be available at times.

6. We bought a phone and voice recorder for the visually challenged lady (Tosin) to enhance her education.

7. I need to state here that since the lady was introduced to me her responsibilities are on me and I found it hard to bring her case to public every time. I placed her on N10K stipends monthly for her basic needs as a lady. I shall be glad for whoever can pick her case up.

8. We donated a wheelchair for a young man in Ilesha. The wheelchair was donated by Bar. Onigbogi Femi.

9. A Rev. Sister from the United States hosted the pupils on her birthday with clothes for pupils and teachers alike in her house. Likewise, Mrs. Akande extended her hands of love to the children on her birthday. All were personally coordinated by me.

10. We paid a year's house rent for a visually challenged family man and bought a grinding machine for the wife to support her income. They are doing far better now.

11. The annual Children's Day celebration was organized for the children on the 27th of May, 2023. The donations and how it was spent had been posted immediately after the celebration.

12. We repaired their hostel windows, doors, and beds. The repairs were solely sponsored by one person and the account was rendered to him directly.

13. An NGO based in the UK sent some clothes to the pupils through their representative in the person of Mrs. Oyinade Agunlejika and the clothes were jointly distributed.

14. Mr. Sanmi Adebayo boosted the morals of the visually challenged lady named Deborah Adenusi by buying some clothes for her. We visited the family in Ikorodu together.

15. We bought another grinding machine for two physically challenged widows to cater for their children. One lives in Ilesha and the other lives in Ijebu-Jesha.

16. We paid the salary of 3 teachers I employed to teach in the school due to inadequate qualified teachers for the pupils. It was solely financed by Mr. Falodun, a profound appreciation for the gesture.


17. I personally paid women working in the school kitchen to support their salaries.

18. Some food items were delivered by the Great Ogedengbe family from Ilesha.

19. Venerable Olajide, the provost of Omofe Cathedral donated a bag of rice which was given to the school kitchen.

20. I personally visited all students under scholarship all through the year, it was facilitated by Mr. Kadiri Agboola, I cannot exhaust my profound appreciation.

21. We organized an End of the Year Party for the pupils (80+ students). The food and clothing were sponsored by Jumoke Ayotunde and her sister Deborah heaven shall hear when you call.

22. I was commissioned to coordinate the medical operation of a woman who went through a fibroid removal operation. It was solely financed by Oroki Food, Dr. Femi & co, to the glory of God it was a success. You shall be favored.

23. Some other contributors and donors supported other projects in the year 2023  that are too numerous to mention, especially during Children's Day or other urgent situations. You shall all experience the peace of God. 

Yours Faithfully,

Oni Gbolabo J. (Ph.D.)


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