Wednesday 13 March 2024

Adeleke's Alert On Threat To State Security Is Fake, Diversionary - Osun APC ....Tasks Governor To Address Frauds Bedeviling His N100Bn Infrastructure

The Osun state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused Governor Ademola Adeleke of raising a false panic regarding security in the state. 

It would be recalled that Governor Adeleke in a statement yesterday raised an alarm that his government had uncovered some plans by some people to, among other things, disrupt rural activities with a focus on farmers and farming work.

Adeleke alleged that the intelligence reports at his disposal had also shown the intentional mobilization of criminal elements in the state's rural areas, raising grave concerns for the public safety.

Commenting on the development, the Osun State APC chairman,  Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in a statement issued by the party's Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, today, stated that it was unfortunate that a whole state governor with a full complement of paraphernalia of security could be sending a phoney signal on insecurity in his territory.

The state APC chairman stated that it was disheartening that a loquacious governor, who junkets around the world in the name of attracting potential investors, would descend  into grave pettiness of planting hoax in the media in order to divert attention of the public as to his hopeless and thieving administration. 

"He also said that it was irritating and laughable that a government that is not known to have taken a serious policy on the improvement of agriculture since its inauguration about 16 months ago is now crying wolves where none exists.

In Lawal's words: "Governor Adeleke should sit up for once and give the people of the state the quality governance he promised the people during his campaign instead of engaging in the creation of another phoney agenda meant to have diversionary motive.

"We are not politically inexperienced not to have an understanding that the Adeleke-invented security threat against the state is a ploy to shift their attention from discussing his ill-thought out N100 billion white elephant projects when hunger is working on four legs in all the streets in the nooks and crannies of the state.

"There is nothing wrong in a government being proactive on security issues but it is criminal and an express admission of failure for any government to use same as a weapon of deceit to confuse the governed.

"One wonders why Governor Adeleke should not order the immediate arrest of the suspects he alleged of threatening the state security if actually he is not selling a mere dummy to the people of the state.

"Sequel to this fabricated security threat alert by the push-and-start Governor Adeleke and his co-travellers who have been thinking for him upside down, it is important for the innocent and peace-loving people of the state to watch out for a likely government-sponsored security threat as a way of justifying their imminent threat.

"We, as a party, are not cheaply taking in by the ranting of the state government on the non-existing security threat to the state. The governor should instantly address all the detected frauds bedeviling the award of his questionable multi-billion naira infrastructure plan", the Osun State APC chairman charged.



 Chairman, Osun State APC.

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