Monday 8 April 2024


Mr Akin Adeyi who is a security expert and chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Osun State has called on the Inspector General of Police, the Director General of the Department of State Services (DGSS) and other relevant authorities to quickly deploy their investigation machinery into a very sensitive “revelation” made during the weekend by Mr Sunday Bisi who is the Osun State Chairman of PDP. 

Bisi had, during the weekend,said he was aware that some people, in fact a faction of the APC in the state are currently into arms build up.

According to Adeyi in a petition forwarded to the nation’s topmost security managers “a certain Mr Sunday Bisi who is the state chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Osun State has magnanimously also “patriotically” revealed that he has in his possession useful information that says some people are currently stockpiling arms and ammunition at locations he has yet to disclose.

It will be recalled that Bisi said in a press statement on Friday that; *"We are not unaware of the arms buildup by a faction of the APC which is the reason for their naked effrontery of issuing threats to their perceived political opponents”* 

Adeyi in his petition describes as weighty this revelation which he said requires for a thorough investigation in order for security community to quickly nip in the bud whatever may want to be the ugly aftermath. 

The security expert said  that this statement is highly sensitive and indicting especially to the intelligence community in which the DSS is a principal. “Hence, this my strong call for the invitation of Mr Sunday Bisi by these Departments in order that he could provide more detailed facts that will enable those that are saddled with the responsibility of our individual and collective protection to act proactively. He said this is very important. 

He recalled on how  Senator Ademola Adeleke who doubled as governor and member of same party with Sunday Bisi had to also raised a similar alarm on threat to the state security recently, precisely at some three weeks ago and how he, (Adeyi) had to caution him against becoming a false alarmist governor . 

“Governor Adeleke, it will be recalled, said about three weeks ago that he received a report which  credibility was not certain but which says bandits and other criminal elements currently ravaging the North were relocating to Osun State in particular in order to trade in their nefarious businesses of banditry and kidnapping”. 

“This information sent no small amount of jitters up the spine of citizens especially farmers and  students whom the governor said are the main targets of attack according to report in his hands”.


Hardly had the dust raised by the governor over this “credibility lacking” report settled down that his party chairman dropped another fear instilling bombshell when he said he also has information that some people in the state are stockpiling arms and ammunition, Adeyi lamented.

“These information are too weighty for the state security apparatus to ignore. It calls for their immediate thorough interrogation activities. Moreso that the statement was made by no less the person of Mr Sunday Bisi who, by his appointment today as the 

State Chairman of Osun PDP,  is a critical stakeholder in this project Osun state.

Adeyi said he feared that the Adeleke/PDP government of Osun  may have adopted the use of sensitive security matters for their political propaganda weapon against the opposition party in the state. “This be, will not be a good development. Security matters are serious matters which should not be reduced to the ordinary level political propaganda. That the governor will scare the citizens yesterday with a non credible security report of imminent banditry attack and kidnapping and his party chairman will also come out today with another story of arms buildup could be worrisome especially when their stories later proved the usual nonsense, the security expert concluded .

“ They need serious caution and tutorial on the horrible implications of these actions. Where their information proved to be false the government agencies should not hesitate to deal with them like the fake whistleblower they indeed are” Akin Adeyi concluded .

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