Thursday 11 July 2024

In Osun, Potholes Takeover Osogbo, Other Cities...By Waheed Adekunle

Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, has become centre of potholes in recent times. This worrisome development was occasioned by the palpable negligence on the part of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) -led government. 

The ubiquitous potholes have become the headache of motorists and other road users, especially the commercial motorists and cyclists who daily ply the routes and are forced to part with their in the name of daily tickets.

Recall that Governor Adeleke, in October 2023, flagged off the purported 100billion naira infra plan touted to address what he described as infrastructural deficits.

The proposed capital projects, according to the government, are designed to catalyze the much desired socioeconomic growth and development in the state. Regrettably, none of the said infrastructural projects has been completed in the last eight months and there is no sign that one would reach completion soon.

Instead, it was discovered that the state government phoney infra plan failed integrity test on specifications and direction of project implementation as manifested in its failure to capture patching and rehabilitation of the existing roads. 

Under the current government, it is safe to maintain that poor infrastructure maintenance is now a culture as the government usually pays lip service to the rehabilitation of the existing and inherited infrastructures.

Many of the major and access roads all over the state have become inaccessible and impassable for the people to the extent that these deplorable roads are now becoming the deathtraps to residents and road users. From Osogbo to Iwo, Iwo to Ikire, Ikire to Gbongan, Gbongan to Ode-Omu, Ode-Omu to Ile-Ife, Ile-Ife to Ifetedo, Ifetedo to Ilesa,  Ilesa to Ikirun, Ikirun to Ibokun, Ibokun to Ada, Ada to Ororuwo, Ororuwo to Agba,  Agba to Iragbiji, Iragbiji to Okuku, Okuku to Ila-Orangun, Ila-Orangun to Oke-Ila and Oke-Ila to Ora Igbomina, Ora-Igbomina to Ilobu, Ilobu to Ifon and Erin-Osun, Erin-Osun to Ejigbo among other notable villages, towns and cities, the story is the same. 

Alas! instead of the state government to deploy resources from the huge allocation accrued to it for road rehabilitation and maintenance, the current government is busy embarking on white elephant projects with little or no importance or direct impact to the state economy and her people.

Of what benefit is the proposed five flyovers by the state government if not for ego boosting and pecuniary gains? 

Of what significance is the Lameco 4-span flyover allegedly being constructed by the government if not for political jamboree, mere gratification and unearned sycophancy? How can a serious government justifies the importance of the proposed Owode-Ede's flyover bridge whereas there are several kilometers of deplorable intra roads that have been impeding the desired growth and development in the affected communities? 

Similarly, the humongous funds which would be expended on the politically conceived Ikirun and Ile-Ife flyovers would have been judiciously used to rehabilitate all the deplorable roads within and outside the two cities if truly the mission was to address the infrastructural deficits as unconsciously and unconscionably vowed by the Adeleke's government and to also fix rural roads that would have helped agriculture development in the state.

However, a visit to Osogbo from any part of the country will no doubt expose one to the embarrassing-and-sorry state of the major roads within the capital city as many of these roads have become practically impassable for the road users. The most embarrassing situation are the conspicuous potholes from popular Olaiya to Ogo-Oluwa, and Onward to the state government secretariat - the regular route being plied virtually on daily basis by government officials including the Governor. 

As of today, there are several identified potholes on the busiest road tormenting the motorists particularly those that are not resident in Osogbo each time they ply through the road. 

The story is the same from Olaiya to Old-garage and Olonkoro to Igbonna towards Ayetoro and Omowest area as well as Ota-Efun to the newly tarred Osogbo/Ikirun roads. One can't give accurate number of potholes on this axis as many of these deep potholes have turned to deathtraps.

Driving through Oja-Oba to Sabo junction as well as Testing-ground to Aderin towards power-line area, the terrible situation of the roads called for urgent public concern. The scenario is not different on Dele-Yes-Sir to Dada-Estate towards Capital Area as well as Okefia, likewise Oja-Oba to Ita-Olokan towards Oke-Ayepe including Oja-Oba to Olugunna towards Agbede to Obate and Oke-Baale among other notable areas in the state metropolis.

It is unfortunate that potholes could suddenly emerge on the portion of the newly tarred Ikirun/Osogbo road done by the present government which was overblown out of proportion by the media team of  Governor Adeleke's government. As I write, a portion of the abysmally tarred road had grown sharp potholes capable of endangering lives of drivers, motorists and other road users if cautions are not taken while driving especially at nights. 

One would wonder what could have been the reason for the sudden damage of the newly tarred road that is just a year old since inauguration. 

Infact, there is no reason for the newly tarred portion of the road to experience any pothole if quality and standard materials were deployed and used by competent contractors and as well handled by reputable civil engineers. 

A similarly scenario were the eyesore potholes on the newly tarred Osogbo East Bypass ringroad along Ilesa Garage via Oke-Baale that were recently patched by the state government after it was widely reported on the social media platforms by the concerned citizens. 

It is quite regrettable that many of the newly constructed or rehabilitated roads under the current government experience this menace every now and then and this no doubt confirms substandard materials and poor equipment used for capital projects in the state by the present government. 

If nothing had happened to the portions of Osogbo/Ikirun and Osogbo East Bypass roads executed by the immediate past administration of former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, there is no reason to experience any form of damage on the new portions of the said roads executed by the current government if there is genuity in governance and purposeful leadership. 

Instead, the state government is commiting a whooping sum of 24billion naira plus on Old-garage/Lameco road and separate flyovers at Okefia and Lameco at the expense of existing roads that are crying for attention and maintenance due to their sorry state. 

So, the ranging questions now are that why is the administration of Governor Adeleke expending outrageous amount of money on the needless capital projects at the detriment of existing infrastructures that need urgent attention and constant maintenance? Why are many of the newly tarred roads wearing out and developing potholes even before their official inauguration for public use? Who are the real contractors handling many of these public works? When would the state get it right particularly at this rosy time of humongous funds coming to the state's coffers monthly?

As citizens, we are monitoring every happening and occurrence under the current government and sooner or later, a reckoning period will knock at the door. 

May God heal our land!


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Daniel Adewole Awe Medical Center is a healthcare facility located in Ilesa, Osun State, providing quality primary and secondary healthcare services to the community and its environs. 

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