Monday 13 May 2019

Father of Lagos Deputy Governor-Elect Laid to Rest

A well attended prayer session was held forr the father of Lagos State Deputy Governor-Elect Dr.Femi Hamzat, Oba Mufutau Olatunji Hamzat, Olu of Afowowa.

According to a statement released Monday morning, the late Oba Hamzat died on Sunday evening in Ogun state.

The late Oba before he became a King in Ogun State few years ago was a frontline politician in Lagos State during the First Republic and he was a leading member of the Action Group and the Unity Party of Nigeria in the Second Republic.

He was a leader in the progressive camp in Lagos with the return of democratic governance in 1999 as a member of the Alliance for Democracy and the All Progressives Congress.

The Lagos State Deputy Governor-Elect described his father Oba Mufutau Olatunji Hamzat, the Olu of Afowora Sogade, as a great man who committed his life to the service of the people.

Dr. Hamzat who spoke immediately after the news of his father’s death was confirmed noted that the late traditional ruler served the people of Lagos State meritoriously as a frontline politician in the progressive camp as an elected member of the State House of Assembly in 1979 under the Unity Party of Nigeria and as a Commissioner.

Dr. Hamzat furthers said that his father was a devoted family man, a statesman, a committed man of faith who mentored generation of people in different fields of human endeavours until his death.

Between the emir, governor, whoever is right, we pray succeeds – Sanusi’s son

“I thank God for a life well spent by my father. He was a great man who brought up his children with the time, values of hardwork, integrity and commitment to service. He impacted positively on many lives till his death. He played important roles in the politics of Lagos State from the days of Action Group. In the Second Republic he was a chieftain of Unity Party of Nigeria and was at the fore-front of progressive politics in Nigeria and Lagos in particular. He was called upon to be the king of his community in Ogun State much later in his life. He served the community well. His reign brought development and progress. We will miss him and his father figure role.”

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