Saturday 14 March 2020

Coronavirus: Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Takes Action Bans Sharing of One Communion Cup, Shaking of Hands and Exchange of Hugs During Service

In response to the ravaging pandemic called Coronavirus or COVID-19, the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion has released a number of directives to be implemented in Churches across the country.

In a letter signed by the General Secretary of the Church, the Ven. Gershinen Paul Dajur and addressed to all Archbishops and Bishops, the leadership of the Church has ordered as follows;

Since the virus is communicable, the Church is to prayerfully put on hold the sharing of One chalice to all during Holy Communion. Other smaller Communion Cups should be used for individual communication. Also handshakes and hugs during exchange of peace should be substituted with non contagious gestures such as hand waving, mutual bowing or making the sign of the cross, etc.

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