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 United States of America (USA) Travis County Commissioner, Brigid Shea and a County Judge, Sara Eckhardit had publicly declared their pride and confidence in your daughter, Prof Adeola Ogunkeyede's cognate job experience for her latest appointment as First Chief Public Defender, Texas, US with the appointee felt honoured and Pop's assurances of his daughter’s naturalness for fairness and justice to man and society. 

A daughter like father, Otunba Jumoke Ogunkeyede (JMK), dandy and brave political activist in far away US, was first Nigerian aspirant to New York (NY) Senate and undisguised, famous face in the States, where Ogunkeyede threw kamikaze, suicidal missiles into the US camp of pro-Abacha government of Nigeria and led fierce activism against banners, emblematic of Nigeria military despotism.

Ogunkeyede’s positive activism etched him high up in the US public consciousness as he got the US Resolution 1852 that condemned the daylight assassination of Kudirat Abiola and the Saturday, June 15,1996 fire bomb of the Ogunkeyede Bayswater Rockaway, Queens NY personal house, bought in 1980 for daring Abacha and standing for democracy. The NY Fire Marshals ruled the incident arson. 

The day Kudirat Abiola was murdered on June 4, 1996 | Encomium Magazine

And feisty, plucky, Ogunkeyede particularly led the candle light for Kudirat, the slain wife of MKO Abiola, the acclaimed winner of the June 12,1993 fairest and freest presidential election in Nigeria, a woman of silk and steel, brutally assassinated, June 4,1996 on a Lagos street, Nigeria; Ogunkeyede got the US to name a street, Kudirat Abiola Corner, in front of the Nigeria Embassy, NY City; and he also got the US  pass another -Resolution 1082(A), one of the earliest resolutions from the international community and foreign governments that condemned military government in Nigeria.

As President, African Student Association, University College. Medgar Evers, US, Ogunkeyede earned an Award of Commendation for organizing an indaba on the "Role of the Blacks in the South African Crisis" in the fall of 1977, well attended by African diplomats to the United Nations and African Embassies, Consulates Generals across the US. And June 14, 1990, the Manhattan Borough President gave Ogunkeyede a CITATION for his ability to bring Africans, Caribbean and African-Americans to the full consciousness of the US government, and same day, Ogunkeyede earned the NY MAYORAL CITATION for the "African Meet the Mayor" organized by him, and Ogunkeyede’s breath-taking exploits at unifying Africans in the Diaspora got him the 1992US NY Council Proclamation. It was full back pat for Ogunkeyede and his Organization for Advancement of Nigeria (OAN), USA, responsible for the annual first Saturday, October Nigeria Day instituted for parade, making Nigeria the only African country that has statutory day for its parade since 1992.

Ogunkeyede, of extra ordinary heroism, founded and headed United Committee to Save Nigeria, US (UCSN, US); leader, NADECO, aboard; leader, PRONACO, abroad; leader, Alliance for Democracy, AD, US; founder/leader Egbe Afenifere, US; two terms 5th President 1978-1982 Egbe Omo Obokun Ijesa, NY/New Jersey, US; Chairman, Pan African Development, US; and Patron, OAN, US.

Like the cobbler awl or the surgeon scalpel, Ogunkeyede, friendly as he’s selfless, loyal as he’s drive-full, critical as he’s passionate, oratorical as he’s articulate, fearless as he’s chatty, humanist as he’s principled, and daring, brave as he’s large-hearted, upbraided passivity, mute indifference and cold complicity in the other fellow Nigerians abroad by his staunch positive activism. Ogunkeyede, not unsung.

Contextually, where then lies any difference between the father and daughter's penchant, propensity for utilitarian justice? 

Sir, congratulations to our own Adeola. Congratulations to JMK, Chairman, Board of Directors, Nigerite, who

 described his boss, Governor Gboyega Oyetola as one who walks his talk, "Governor of conscience," quoting JMK. And congratulations, all again to JMK, the Akeweje of Oyan Kingdom, Nigeria; All Progressives Congress (APC) high chief, Nigeria; two (2) times gubernatorial aspirant (2003,2007), Osun State, Nigeria; and Nwane Di Namba I of Ndigbo, US.

Adeola Ogunkeyede (Picture: University of Virginia)

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 OLUSESI is Assistant Director Publicity, Research & Strategy All Progressives Congress (APC) State of Osun*

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